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Night Raid have cornered Bols and Kurome in a canyon and are all set to complete their mission when Kurome releases her puppets, eight warriors controlled by her Imperial Arms. FIGHT!!!

What did you watch?

As the revolution approaches, Night Raid targets some of the main obstacles and the fiercest opponents to change. They lure the Jaegers out of the Capital and have managed to split them up so that they can take out their primary targets, Bols and Kurome. However, that might be easier than it sounds. After a lot of making moves and feeling out their opponents, episode 16 of Akame ga Kill delivers the fight that we’ve all been waiting for. All right, maybe not ‘the’ fight, but it is an epic battle between Imperial Arms users. Let’s hurry into the episode and don’t forget that there will be spoilers and fights…

Akame ga Kill Episode 16 Tatsumi

What happened?

Kurome released her puppets that she controls through her Imperial Arms, Yatsufusa. Basically, she can turn anyone she kills into an undead puppet that will obey her every command. Akame sees an old friend who is now one of Kurome’s puppets and loses her temper, racing in to fight, but Tatsumi pulls her clear and helps her regain control. Night Raid split up and face off against the puppets, while Akame goes after Bols. While Leone and Najenda battle a former general, Kurome sees an opening and cuts off one of Leone’s arms!

Susanoo fights against a giant undead S Class Danger Beast and is struggling to focus due to an unsightly lump on the creature’s chest that ruins its symmetry. Mine is fighting with a gunslinger, but Kurome has another card to play. She releases her final puppet, another Danger Beast in the form of a giant toad which eats Mine! Meanwhile, Tatsumi battles against two of Kurome’s puppets, an apeman and an assassin that moves like a ghost. Chelsea manages to distract the assassin for a brief moment and it’s enough to give Tatsumi the chance to finish him off.

Akame and Bols continue to fight as she searches for an opening. Bols’ Imperial Arms, Rubicante is a flamethrower which is making it hard for Akame to get close enough to attack. Leone arrives to back up Akame, but one of Kurome’s puppets has arrived to help Bols. Akame and Leone work together to take out the bodyguard, leaving Bols exposed. Leone races in at superhuman speed, but Bols is able to react and turns Rubicante towards her. Amazingly, she manages to bite the end of the flame thrower, rendering it useless. As a last resort, Bols launches his Imperial Arms into the air and detonates it, causing a massive explosion!

Akame ga Kill Episode 16 Akame versus Kurome

What did you think?

And breathe… I loved this episode so much. It was basically one massive team fight and it just got more and more extreme as the episode went on. I loved the revelation of Kurome’s puppets and how she used them to do most of the fighting. Even the giant toad was awesome, although it was too bad that it had a couple of holes in its stomach, making its acid attack ineffective. Too bad for Kurome that is. Obviously, Mine was pretty grateful. There were just so many awesome fights going on all once, it’s going to be hard to pick a favourite!

What was your favourite moment?

All right, here we go. It had to be Akame and Leone fighting against Bols and Wall. The bodyguard, Wall was making it almost impossible for their attacks to reach Bols so Leone and Akame targetted the bodyguard instead, but he didn’t go down easy. The cut off his legs and one of his arms, but he still managed to throw a dagger a Leone. Thanks to the healing ability of her Imperial Arms it did really do much, although it did take Bols’ focus off Leone for long enough for her to find a chance to charge him.

She raced in at superhuman speed, thanks again to her Imperial Arms, but Bols reacted, swinging Rubicante towards her. There was no way to dodge, it was already too late. Leone then increased her speed and bit the end of Rubicante. Bols’ reaction was priceless and even with his face covered, as usual, you could see the shock all over it. He couldn’t use it anymore and with Akame and Leone closing in, he played his trump card, throwing the remains of Rubicante into the air and detonating it. The explosion was insane!

Akame ga Kill Episode 16 Leone bitting Rubicante

What was your least favourite moment?

I think I’m going to go with Susanoo obsessing over the Danger Beast’s bump on its chest. His obsession with order is a funny trait and it works well when he’s smoothing down Mine’s hair midbattle or pointing out the Tatsumi’s zipper on his pants is undone, but it seemed like an odd point for this to become a real issue, especially as he’d already told Najenda that he would be able to defeat it alone. It was great that we got to see his trump card and were made aware of the limitations, but it could have been done a little neater. Isn’t that what Susanoo would have wanted?

Who was your favourite character?

It has to be Leone. She bit the end of the flamethrower off. Bit it! I love Leone and find her humour to be excellent, but when she gets into a battle, she gets serious and takes care of what needs to be done. Then, once it’s over, she’s back to her old self, making jokes and inappropriate comments. She’s just an amazingly fun character and one that would fit into any story.

Knowing Leone’s Imperial Arms and the fact that it saved her life once already should make what happens to her less troubling, but seeing her lose and arm and then healing over the wound so that she doesn’t bleed out in the battle was unreal. Of course, after that, she was fighting with one arm. One arm and she still bit the end of Bols’ flamethrower off!

Who was your least favourite character?

I was a little disappointed with Kurome if I’m honest. Sure, her puppets were awesome and really made the fight what it was, but for most of the episode, she just sat around watching. There was the one moment where she shot into the fight and cut off Leone’s arm, but that was it. I would have thought she would continue to do that to the other members of Night Raid, shooting in to attack when they’re defending themselves against the puppets. She could have been far more effective than she was, even with the drain on her abilities from using her Imperial Arms.

Akame ga Kill Episode 16 Kurome cuts Leone's Arm off

What have you learnt?

I love writing fight scenes and have often wondered if it would be possible to write a book that was one continuous fight. It would be more like a battle and there would be numerous characters, but it would be relentless. I want to write it so that the reader is exhausted reading it because there is nowhere to take a break, just like a real battle. It might not work with a full book, but this episode of Akame ga Kill certainly brought that idea back and makes me want to think about it some more. It may work better as a book in a series, especially as you could build up towards it over a couple of books and then just go crazy. I think that’s the way to approach it.

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  1. I thought that Night Raid was going to lose at multiple points, as an anime that didn’t shy from killing its characters it definitely makes every fight feel clutch. It’s a good thing all the Jaegers weren’t there otherwise it could have been a total wipe of Night Raid.

    • Yeah, it would have been a very different fight had Esdeath been there with the full team.

      And that’s just it with the early deaths. It gives every other fight an edge because we can’t be sure who’s going to make it.

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