Akame ga Kill! (Episode 23) – Kill the Emperor

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It’s time for Night Raid’s final mission – kill Minister Honest, but with only four remaining members, the odds are going to be against them. Hopefully, the Revolutionary Army can keep the Capitol’s forces busy!

What did you watch?

I can’t believe I’m almost at the end again. This is episode 23 of Akame ga Kill and everything has been building up to this point. It’s do or die for Night Raid in the final battle that will decide the fate of the Empire, but can they finally accomplish their goal. I’m sure Honest isn’t going to go down without a fight, especially as they hinted as something at the end of the last episode. Something massive! There will, of course, be spoilers and as we’re close to the end they’re going to be big ones!

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Akame Leone and Tatsumi

What happened?

Akame, Tatsumi, and Leone crashed the palace in search of the minister, leaving Najenda to lead the Revolutionary Army. Almost instantly, they came against Run who felt the need to berate them for their revolution when he was trying to change things from within. Annoyed at his decision to work for the bad guys, Leone decided to take Run on, allowing Tatsumi and Akame to go after Honest. They burst into the throne room where Honest was briefing the Emperor on the situation.

Tatsumi tried to reason with the Emperor, but Honest’s influence was too great. Seconds later, the palace blew apart as the Emperor activated his Royal Imperial Arms Shikoutazer, a giant suit of armour the size of a mountain with untold firepower. The Emperor began to shoot at the Revolutionary Army and soon he completely lost control, firing at the citizens too. Tatsumi tried to fight back, but the size difference was like an ant trying to bring down a bear. Wave showed up to save Tatsumi, deciding that he could no longer stand by and watch the Emperor attack the people.

Together, the battled against Shikoutazer, but nothing seemed to be working until Tatsumi found a weak spot. He asked Wave to buy him some time as he called forth Incursio again, but this time the armour evolved once more, bring through more of the Danger Beasts powers. Tatsumi flew headfirst at the weak spot, hitting Shikoutazer with everything he had. It worked, but the colossal Imperial Arms toppled forwards, threatening to crush more citizens. Tatsumi used every ounce of his strength to hold it back.

With the Emperor defeated, Akame ran to Tatsumi’s side, but his injuries were too great and he died in her arms moments later, just as Esdeath ran to him…

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Leone

What did you think?

This episode is epic! There are not many other words that would do it justice. The size and ferocity of the Emperor’s Imperial Arms was insane and utterly terrifying. Seeing Tatsumi and Wave fight together against it was a highlight for me as it showed that no matter the path that Tatsumi had chosen, the destination would have been the same. I don’t believe in fate and destiny, but I think it’s a great storytelling method and when used like this it’s incredibly powerful.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Leone saves the day

What was your favourite moment?

I loved how Tatsumi took strength from his fallen comrades and used it to awaken Incursio. His new form was awesome and while it didn’t take the time that the manga did to explain how that was possible, I still loved it. The fight itself was… wait for it… epic! Seeing Tatsumi and Wave buzz around Shikoutazer it was hard to see how either was going to do any damage, but that wasn’t about to stop them from trying. I still can’t get over the size of Shikoutazer and to think that Honest was sitting on that, waiting for the right moment to unleash it. I think he probably got his timing massively wrong, but it certainly was a big finish.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Honest and the Shikoutazer

What was your least favourite moment?

As spectacular as the battle was, they definitely left out quite a few things from the manga that would have just made the whole thing that much more special. The first thing was that the more a person uses their Imperial Arms, the more it becomes a part of them. Since Incursio was made from a dragon style Danger Beast, Tatsumi starts to change. It’s not a big deal with the anime, but it does help explain something that will happen in the next episode too.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Tatsumi versus the Shikoutazer

Who was your favourite character?

It’s got to go to Tatsumi. He finished his mission and changed the Empire. The way that he continued to push himself against such an unbelievable opponent is what we’ve come to expect from him, but it also showed the growth he’s experienced in the series. Even then, he still thought back to his colleagues and how they might inspire him. I remember reading the manga for the first time and I got to the end of volume 14 and things were looking bleak. I had to wait for volume 15 to be released which is when I jumped to the anime. Some of the events in this episode were in volume 15 so I saw it here first and when Tatsumi died, it left me feeling completely shellshocked.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Tatsumi and Incursio

Who was your least favourite character?

I found Run’s inclusion in this part of the anime to be particularly infuriating. If you have been following my look at the manga too, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but to summarise, Run wasn’t around at this stage. I’m fine with things being changed, but I felt that his attempts to change the system from within were floored and he must have seen that. What was his plan to take care of Honest, who has happily destroyed everyone that might oppose him? So, for Run to attack Night Raid made no sense. He should have seen it as the opportunity that it was and just let them pass.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Leone fighting Run

What have you learnt?

I’m not sure why, but I find the hero’s quest that ends with the hero’s death to be such a powerful moment. They have given everything they have and leave the world a far better place for their sacrifice. For a group of assassins looking to create a peaceful society, they must know that they would have no place in it. I think small details like that make their journeys that much more interesting. They were destined to die, but they kept fighting regardless. Basically, whatever the outcome you’re working towards, make sure to leave little clues as to what will happen. The reader will piece it all together once it happens and it will make the conclusion that much more satisfying.

Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Akame and Esdeath see Tatsumi die

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