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A new breed of Danger Beast is terrorizing the area surrounding the Capital and while they might not seem like a bad thing, it’s the people that the revolutionary army is hoping to free that are being affected!

What did you read?

Volume 6 of the Akame ga Kill manga covers episodes 13, 14, and part of 15. As such it deals with one of my favourite parts of the series. So, having recently spent time with Esdeath and Tatsumi on a tropical island, I get to do it all over again. Good times! Anyhow, let’s get into the review.

Akame ga Kill Volume 6 Cover

What happened?

The new breed of Danger Beasts was causing a lot of problems for the Capital and as such, the Emperor asked Esdeath to take care of them. Minister Honest, of course, had more to say and asked that Esdeath capture some for him to play with. The Jaegers were instantly put to the task and began to sweep the country outside the capital. Wave got to see how the world views Bols, even after he’d saved people and it bothered him.

Night Raid was called into immediate action to also take care of the new Danger Beasts. They could sit back and use the opportunity to let the Empire’s force get weakened, but if there’s the chance that innocent people are being hurt, Tatsumi isn’t about to sit back and let it happen. On a mission to eradicate the Danger Beasts, Tatsumi climbed to the top of a mountain to scout out the land. Esdeath, who had been scouting the land from the back of a flying Danger Beast spotted someone on top of a mountain and dived down, ready to kill.

However, once she realised it was Tatsumi, her plans changed considerably. Then, a new player intervened and ended up sending Esdeath and Tatsumi to a tropical island where they came face to face with two giant Danger Beasts, similar to what Dr. Stylish transformed into. They defeated them and finally got to spend some alone time. Tatsumi managed to find out more about Esdeath, including her past and the nature of her Teigu.

The portal that sent them there reopened and Tatsumi slipped through first. Once back on the mountain, he used Incursio’s invisibility to hide from Esdeath. He sat and waited as she returned and then left, realising she’d lost him again. Tatsumi returned to Night Raid where they were planning to ambush the Jaegers and take down the Minister’s influence on a religious group that threatened to rise up.

Akame ga Kill Volume 6 Esdeath Kills

How was it different from the anime?

This was actually a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga. There were only a few small moments that were only slightly different and not in a material way. Usually, it was to make a scene more horrific or a little bit darker. It’s nice to know that one of my favourite parts of the series was the same in both versions.

Akame ga Kill Volume 6 Esdeath Demon Blood

What was your favourite element?

This next image perfectly shows why this was one of my favourite parts of the series. Having spent time with Esdeath alone on the tropical island, I think Tatsumi ended up developing feelings for her. Those were limited by his affiliation and beliefs, but he realised that even with her beliefs and tendencies she did have some good qualities in her. Ultimately, she was a product of how she was raised. I just love this image of Tatsumi sitting behind the rock with his head resting on his arms as Esdeath walks away. There’s just something very sad about this moment and I think it’s been perfectly captured.

Akame ga Kill Volume 6 Tatsumi and Esdeath Apart

What was your least favourite element?

Similar to the anime, I found Esdeath’s past to be my least favourite thing. Sure, she excelled at surviving and it made her who she is, but it also made her who she is. Her father commented about how her mother died because she was weak. It came across with no sense of sadness or loss. The statement was a matter of fact. Then, when Esdeath came home to find her father on his death bed, his body full of spears, he spoke in the same tone. It really was a sad moment, but not because of his death, but because of how his beliefs had robbed his daughter of any emotional understanding.

Akame ga Kill Volume 6 Esdeath Giant Ice Ball

What have you learnt?

Esdeath is a wonderfully complex character and having her fall for the hero of the story was a genius move. It made her that much more complicated and interesting and also gave us a chance to see both sides of the story. It gave us access to the Jaegers and allowed us to learn more about them. She also stands out that much more because of the use of simple villains at the beginning of the series. At first, she seems to follow with that trend, but when she said she wanted to find love, she changed and then once she found Tatsumi we really got to know her. I think revisiting Akame ga Kill has confirmed to me that she is my favourite character in the series and one of my all-time favourites.

Akame ga Kill Volume 6 Esdeath Teigu

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