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It’s time for the Jaegers and Night Raid to go head to head. With all these Teigu users in one place, there’s bound to be some deaths, but who will it be? Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

What did you read?

This is volume 7 of Akame ga Kill and it was almost entirely one big fight. Taking in the end of episode 15 and all of episodes 16 and 17 of the anime, it was fantastic. There were so many great moments, I’m not sure how I’m going to get around to mentioning them all. Hopefully, I’ll do enough to convince you to check it out and then we can talk about it some more. Let’s do this!

Akame ga Kill Volume 7 Cover

What happened?

Esdeath took the Jaegers out to hunt down Night Raid after they’d received reports of their whereabouts. When they arrived at the location of the sighting, they found out the Night Raid split into two groups and headed in different directions. Esdeath took Seryu and Run and went after Najenda, sending Bols, Kurome, and Wave to track down Akame. With all the new information, Esdeath was well aware that it was a trap but planned on smashing that too.

However, the trap was even more elaborate than Esdeath could have imagined as all of Night Raid attacked Bols, Kurome, and Wave. Wave defended a blow intended for Kurome and was thrown far from the battle. Kurome unleashed her undead puppets that she controls with her sword, Yatsufusa. She’d collected together quite the group too and was ready to go head to head with Night Raid.

The battle raged on and one by one, Kurome’s puppets were brought down, but it wasn’t easy. Akame and Leone focused their attention on Bols and finally managed to strike a decisive blow, damaging his Teigu. With no other option, Bols caused Rubicant to self-destruct, blowing up the entire battlefield.

Bols managed to slip away in the confusion, but Chelsea was waiting for him and, disguised as a little girl, she made him pay for all the evil he’s committed. Lubbock met up with Chelsea and told her that Kurome had slipped beyond his net. Chelsea wanted to go after her and finish, but Lubbock recommended she wait for help. This was her only chance, however, and Chelsea wasn’t about to squander it. She sent Lubbock off to get reinforcements while she went after the target!

Akame ga Kill Volume 7 Kurome attacking Leone

How was it different from the anime?

There were only a couple of very small things that stood out from the anime and they really weren’t anything to worry about. Run made a comment when Esdeath’s group was ambushed by bandits which will only actually become relevant in the manga anyhow. They did a better job of showing how Kurome’s puppets are unstoppable, short of completely destroying the body. There was the moment when Najenda kicked the head off one puppet and it continued to come after her, which was pretty cool.

Akame ga Kill Volume 7 Najenda gets Mad

What was your favourite element?

Can I say the fight? I’ve said before that I love to write fight scenes, however, more often than not I tend to focus on one character and show it all from their perspective. In this fight, there were a number of different fights going on and the action bounced around. I thought this was handled really well and at no point did it feel like we were jumping back and forth in time. It was a lot of fun and had some crazy dark moments and things that really caught you off guard.

Akame ga Kill Volume 7 Leone bites Rubicant

What was your least favourite element?

Chelsea’s death in the manga was far more brutal than in the anime. Neither of them was enjoyable, but that shows just how well it was done. It did a slightly better job of showing how she’d changed and was taking more risks because of her time with Tatsumi and that was during the main fight too and not just when she went after Kurome.

Akame ga Kill Volume 7 Chelsea

What have you learnt?

At some point, I still want to write a book that is one epic battle. I’m not sure how well it would do, but it would be a lot of fun to write and it would be a bit different. With that idea in mind, it would make sense to build up the characters the way Akame ga Kill has done where we get to see both sides and get to know them beforehand. The stakes are always that much higher when you have an interest in how it goes. A fight can be cool on its own, but without the connections, it lacks the emotional draw.

Akame ga Kill Volume 7 Tatsumi gets Serious

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