Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 10) – Dad Can’t Offer Support

Ao Chan Can't Study Title

It’s the school sports day and when Ao discovers that Kijima is joining the cheer squad, she is determined to take part so that he can cheer for her!

Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 10) – Dad Can’t Offer Support

What happened?

Ao overhears Kijima talking with his friends about the school sports day. Rather than competing, this year he’s been invited to join the cheer squad. When Ao hears this, she resolves to enter a sport so that Kijima can cheer for her. Foolishly, she asks her father for help so that she can actually do well, but he declares that he wishes to come to the sports day and watch.

After the last two times he came, Ao forbids him. He threatens to place her under house arrest and she phones Yabe and tells him that her father had been talking with another editor. Yabe instantly arrives, putting pressure on her father, keeping him busy writing.

When the sports day arrives, Ao is ready, but then her father shows up and finds his way onto the cheer squad. Everything was going well until he yells to Ao to tell her to hold her G cup boobs and she’ll go faster…

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 10 Kijima Wishes Ao Good Luck

What did you think?

In this episode, we got to see a bit more of Ao’s father and the hilarious things he’s put her through. He may be embarrassing but he’s still a good father who is proud to support his daughter… support might not be the best word in this situation… G cup! Anyhow, it was a funny episode although it felt like a lot less happened than usual, even for a twelve-minute episode.

Episode highlights

Sports Day!

Cheer Squad!

G Cup!

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