Are You Lost? (Episode 6) – Rabbit Tasting

Are You Lost Title

Asuka and Mutsu find that the trap has been sprung and they’ve actually caught a rabbit. The only thing is it’s still alive. Can either of them finish it off or will they have to go hungry?

Are You Lost? (Episode 6) – Rabbit Tasting

What happened?

After several failed attempts to hit the rabbit with a stick, Mutsu gives up and starts to cry. Asuka steps up and, refusing to let Mutsu cry, takes care of the rabbit. They bring it back to the beach and show off their success to Homare and Shion. Homare gets the girls banging rocks together in an attempt to make a knife. It turned out the Shion was actually pretty good at it.

Mutsu decides to do the prep work in an effort to make up for being unable to kill the rabbit. Asuka and Shion can’t watch as Mutsu turns into a butcher. With the rabbit skinned, Shion has an idea about how to cook it, but with no utensils, Homare offers a solution that she learnt from a SAS survival manual.

Are You Lost Episode 6 Shion And Asuka Can't Watch

What did you think?

There was barely any real ecchi moments in this episode, but it was still very enjoyable. The girls are all starting to grow in their own ways. There’s stuff that some can’t do, but as a group, they have most things covered. Homare is obviously the guide to their success and without her, they probably wouldn’t have lasted this long. As usual, there are a lot of very interesting survival tips. I’m still really enjoying this series.

Episode highlights

The Trap!

Preparing the Rabbit!

Time to Eat!

Full at Last!

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