Are You Lost? (Episode 7) – Exploring the Island

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Homare is worried that they could be stuck on the island for quite some time so she wants to explore and prepare for winter. No one wants to be left behind, so how will she choose who comes with her?

Are You Lost? (Episode 7) – Exploring the Island

What happened?

Homare eventually selects Mutsu and they set off along the beach. Soon they come across some edible plants. Mutsu asks if they are native to Japan, however, they are widely found. Homare wonders if they can work out where they are, they may be able to swim back to Japan. Mutsu hopes that she’s joking. Then, just before nightfall, they find a stone dock, although it is old and unkempt.

As they settle in for the night, Mutsu asks why Homare choose her to help her explore. Homare said it was because she has the best survival instincts. This then leads both to begin to worry about the other two back at camp. Luckily, they don’t have to worry for long as they followed them, too afraid to stay on their own. The next morning they search the area and find a fruit tree and an old house. In the rubble, Homare finds a pair of garden shears that she can turn into a knife.

Are You Lost Episode 7 Shion Found A House

What did you think?

With the discovery of the stone dock, I thought this was going to change from Are you Lost? to Lost. Hopefully, that won’t happen as I’m having plenty of fun watching these girls trying to survive on a deserted island. This episode was again very light on ecchi moments and also on the survival aspects. I wonder if we’re starting to build up to something big. This is still a really enjoyable series and it’s quick and easy to watch, which is nice.

Episode highlights


Back Together Again!

Search the Area!

The Top of the World!

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