Author Journey (December 14, 2020)

The Otaku Author Journey December 14 2020

It’s been a trying week, but I did get some writing done. Not as much as I would have liked, but then things out of my control keep popping up. Well, as long as I’m moving forward, it’s all progress, right?

December 14, 2020

Looks like it’s time for another update on how my writing is going… It’s going, kind of. I started the week off well with a nice long session which set me up for the twists going into act three. As I have two point-of-view characters in my story, I get to do most elements twice, especially when they aren’t together. This is one of those times. I finished the first of the two chapters on Tuesday and was happy with how it went. Think of this as the moment when everything really goes wrong before the final act.

My story is a supernatural harem rom-com and so far there hasn’t been a lot of action, at least in the sense of fighting. There’s been plenty of funny moments and awkward situations. Lots and lots of setup and character development. Well, the final act should see the action start to take over. Stakes are high and now it’s time for everyone to pull together for a big finish… a climax if you will!

KonoSuba Episode 2 Megumin and Aqua

I’ve only knocked a chunk off my remaining word count target, but it is definitely still progress. On top of that, I have been preparing for the Christmas break. As you may have noticed, I’ve started some new posts. I’m rewatching three of my favourites that I never got around to reviewing before and adding a new/old series that I had been meaning to get to for some time. They are Harukana Receive, KonoSuba, Goblin Slayer, and Record of Grancrest War. As these aren’t new shows, airing weekly, I can push ahead a couple of episodes and schedule my posts. It also means I can watch more than one episode a week. I hate waiting!

Over the Christmas period, I should also finish covering Iwakakeru and DanMachi3, which means I’ll look to pick up some more shows in the New Year. Season two of Dr. Stone is looking like a clear favourite. After that, I’m thinking The Quintessential Quintuplets season two, although part of me wants to go back to the beginning of Attack on Titan and revisit those. I love that series and as I’m a manga reader, I don’t have to worry about spoilers from the anime as the final season airs.

Goblin Slayer Episode 2 Young Goblin Slayer witness his Sister's murder

Anyhow, back to the writing. Here’s how last week went.

  • Dec 7 – 2,006 words
  • Dec 8 – 1,102 words
  • Dec 9 – 0 words
  • Dec 10 – 0 words
  • Dec 11 – 0 words
  • Dec 12 – 0 words
  • Dec 13 – 0 words

I’m going to continue pushing forwards and hopefully, without the pressures of work for two weeks, I’ll feel more focused on my writing. My day job tends to be very busy for two weeks and then quieter for two weeks. However, as of late it’s turned into busy for three weeks and it keeps spilling into my evenings which doesn’t help much. A particularly busy day can really sap my productivity and leave me needing to unwind with some anime. At least that means I’m being somewhat productive, even if it’s not in the way I had hoped.

This, admittedly, was a part of the idea behind my shift to this format. By covering anime that I know I love and has already aired, I can be sure to watch shows that will leave me feeling good. Then, I can write up my posts for the future and earn back more time for writing then. I’m finding my balance still, but so far so good. Just need to write more… always need to write more!

Harukana Receive Episode 1 Narumi Tooi about to serve

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