Author Journey (February 12, 2024)

2024 02 12 The Otaku Author Journey

I’d be lying if I said last week went completely to plan. Lying a lot! But that just gave me a chance to see how versatile the new plan is. Adaptability is key to survival! Did I adapt? Did I survive?

Author Journey (February 12, 2024)

Favourite Moment!

Not only did I survive, but I thrived! Last week I lost four days to real-life family events. on top of that, I was screwed for the second month running in the day job as everyone else decided to take too long to do their work which left me working through the night on the weekend. So, thanks a lot!!! Anyhow, I had a bumper week of productivity which is surprising given how much time I lost. I can only put it down to my increase in energy from exercising more and a steely determination to not be bested by random chance.

Solo Leveling Episode 5 Jinwoo Sung has been bulking up
Solo Leveling (Episode 5) – A Pretty Good Deal


I’m still very much in the planning phase of things here, but I did manage to get a full outline of the first volume. I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about how I can make my writing process similar to my blogging process. The answer is to make them the same. So, once I’ve finished the first volume, I’m going to post the chapters here and on one or several web novel sites. That way the chapters become posts and my survival instinct will kick in. That’s the plan anyhow. Just need to finish the first one first…


According to my tracker, I watched twenty-two episodes this week. Admittedly, eight of those were six-minute-long episodes so they only really count as two, although I am going to write posts for each of them so I’m going to stick with twenty-two. Being under some pressure forced me to get creative with when and how I was watching episodes.

Catching up on my To-Watch List

Winter 2024


Sadly, manga is a little more time-consuming but I did manage to read two volumes. The first I managed on the one weekday that didn’t have a real-life family event. The second, I read over several days, squeezing in a chapter whenever I could.

Anime Watched6 Episodes22 Episodes
Manga Read3 Books2 Books
Posts Scheduled10 Posts19 Posts
Words Written5,000Volume 1 Outline
Artwork Completed1 PieceNone
Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Episode 2 Yoko Tia Noto scared
Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (Episode 2) – Rampage

Aspirations for the week!

This week I am going to start a short series of posts that will be my contribution to all the Valentine’s Day noise. I’ve already seen several posts appearing and the message is loud and clear – cute and romantic. Well, that’s not happening here. I’ve gone for sexy and realistic. The first post will go live on the evening of February 14. And because romance shouldn’t be confined to just one day, I’ll be posting every week for nine weeks. One year, I did a waifu list for Valentine’s Day. This is going to be even more atypical! It’s also going to double as an SEO experiment. Should be interesting either way.

This week was brutal and I’m certain I didn’t come close to sleeping enough, but I made a lot of progress in so many areas. I’m not sure how this week will go, but I know that I can push on when I need to. Anyhow, thanks for reading. I’m going to go lie down for a while.


    • I’ve been called stubborn before but tenacity has a much better ring to it. And, I’ll do my best. Thanks

  1. Posting your chapters sounds like a great way to motivate yourself! It’ll be cool to read them, too.

    I’m to the point in my life where I prefer sexy and realistic to cute and romantic. Not saying anything’s wrong with the latter, just life experience has inclined me toward the former.

    Hope you get enough sleep this week! Sleep deprivation sneaks up on a person. Can confirm and all that.

    • Thanks. Ironically, I originally came up with this plan four years ago, but never got around to implementing it. I do like the idea that the chapters being posts will confuse my brain into just doing them without question.

      It’s going to be interesting… I can guarantee that much!

      All the progress that I’ve made over the last couple of weeks has shown me that I can rebuild my buffer. I’m already getting evenings where there isn’t anything I desperately need to do to keep up. The sleep will come… soonish… I have to ride the hot streak for now though.

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