Author Journey (February 5, 2024)

2024 02 05 The Otaku Author Journey

It’s starting to feel like all my adjustments to my plan are coming together. Even losing an entire day to unplanned events couldn’t stop me. I’m feeling supercharged right now and it feels great!

Author Journey (February 5, 2024)

Favourite Moment!

It’s my second week of running on my treadmill while I watch an episode of Bastard! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy and I’m already seeing the benefits. There are the obvious benefits that come with the release of endorphins, but that’s not all. I’ve got more energy and focus. I feel like I’m getting on top of things with my schedule and am working towards writing again. The most surprising thing was that I had time to pick up a pencil and do a quick sketch. There’s a video on YouTube of some YouTuber who decided to draw for one hundred days to improve his ability. That kind of inspired me to grab my pencil. I doubt I’ll get to do one hundred days in a row, but I’m going to keep it handy. Basically, I feel like I can do it all again. It’s exciting!

2024 Sketch 001 Rei Miyamoto
First sketch of 2024 – Rei Miyamoto


The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a journey of rediscovery. I’ve revisited some of the things that got me inspired to write in the first place. I re-listened to my appearance on WLNM – The Web Light Novel and Manga Review from 2021. Then, I went even further back and started listening to the podcast I had with two author friends, Otaku on Writing. It’s only available now as a five-hour YouTube video containing all of the episodes back to back. Basically, I’m in the process of going back to the period when I was the most prolific, and it’s been a lot of fun. Just need to see if I can turn that into actual writing again.


It was another good week for anime watching with eleven episodes watched. Another awesome thing that I’ve been able to achieve last week was building up my buffer again. I have two full weeks of non-seasonal reviews scheduled. That just leaves the three episodes each week for the seasonals and whatever I have outstanding from the manga department.

Catching up on my To-Watch List

Winter 2024


I doubled my manga reading this week and got through four volumes. So, similar to my anime schedule, I now have a week’s buffer on the manga schedule. If I can keep this routine going, I’ll have my enormous buffer back in no time. Like I said, it’s all coming together.

Anime Watched6 Episodes11 Episodes
Manga Read3 Books4 Books
Posts Scheduled10 Posts16 Posts
Words Written5,000Some planning
Artwork Completed1 Piece1 Sketch
Frieren Beyond Journeys End Episode 20 Genau and Sense overseeing the exam
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Episode 20) – Necessary Killing

Aspirations for the week!

I think that I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. Adding in some regular exercise has been a massive boost for me and that’s allowed me to do more everywhere else. I never expected to have the time to do some drawing, so that’s amazing. It’s another of those activities that I find really calming so maybe that combined with the exercise will be enough to get me working on my story again. I definitely think the more pressure I take off myself each week by adding to my buffer of posts is going to help too. It feels good to be achieving something again and not just firefighting. Another week like this would do wonders for my confidence.

I had an amazing week and I even lost an entire day. I spent a lot of time last year bouncing around between plans, trying to come up with a schedule that satisfied my need to blog and do other things. This feels like it has the potential to succeed. Hopefully, this is the one. Anyhow, I’ve got lots to do, so, thanks for reading.


  1. Yes! It always surprises me how exercise can actually give you more energy, not less! After a long day at work, even if I’m super tired, I still drag myself on a evening walk, and by the time I get back home I feel so refreshed! I also try to go on hikes on my days off, and it really gets me invigorated for all the errands and house chores.

    • Yeah, it makes no sense but it works. I wonder what other things there are out there that follow a similar rule. It’s almost the opposite of too much sleep making you more tired!

  2. Glad things seem to be going well! Also, I’ll second momomanamu’s observation about exercise. Especially when combined with watching an anime episode! It’s like a two-fer with energy benefits!

    • I’m all about building in efficiencies and double duty. Why do one thing when you can do two at once. It’ll limit some of the shows I watch as I doubt I’ll want to do subtitles while running, but there’s plenty of dubbed stuff on Netflix so I should be all right.

    • No worries. Feels like a life time ago. I was in the middle of Harukana Receive and Grancrest.

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