Author Journey (May 13, 2024)

2024 05 13 The Otaku Author Journey

This last week was busy, busy, busy. However, despite having my nose to the grindstone, I spent a lot of time thinking… Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it just results in more work… Which will it be?

Author Journey (May 13, 2024)

Favourite Moment!

We had our second lesson with the golf pro and already my swing is improving. I just need to work on my flexibility so that I can put my whole body into it. At the moment, it’s mostly upper body, which is interesting because it probably means I can get the ball even further.

Anyhow, I talked a little bit about having some good thinking time and this could result in a couple of changes. In the summer, I’m going to have about a month where my access to the internet is going to be limited and as a result, I need to plan for that. Two of the three seasonal shows that I’m covering will end before that happens, but That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime will only be halfway through. Since I’m not going to be able to keep up during that month, I’m going to put it on hold and try something different. Something that could become the new norm!

One thing that I’ve recently discovered (although I’ve known it for a long time) is that I have been really enjoying binge-watching the shows from last season. That’s going to continue, however, episodic reviews of seasonal shows are going to drift away once I’ve finished covering Slime. I’ve also been taking stock of shows that I’ve seen before and never got around to reviewing. Several of these are some of my favourite anime. I want to focus on doing the things I love and that means, I will pick one show to rewatch so I can talk about the things I love more. It’s also going to make scheduling posts in advance a much easier task.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 53 Hinata Sakaguchi surprised
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Episode 53) – Meeting of Both Sides


Last week, I continued to develop my characters for my horror story and that’s coming along nicely. I’m starting to think about their pasts and how I can give them believable and relevant backstories that will connect with the readers. I’ve also got a little bit of research to do which is going to focus on oil rigs and what it’s like living and working on one, even though there are no oil rigs in my story. There are similarities though and this should help add a little more realism to the world.


It was a much leaner week when it came to watching anime. I got through the seasonal shows and continued to watch ‘Tis Time for “Torture”, Princess. It’s a fun show and very cute at times, but it lacks the story to pull me through. There were times with some of the other shows that I’ve watched recently where I couldn’t actually stop watching, regardless of how tired I was. That’s always a big indicator of how much I’ve enjoyed the story.

Catching up on my To-Watch List

Winter 2024

Spring 2024


With all the work from my day job, I spent a lot of time waiting for processes to run which makes doing anything else with my computer impossible. Thankfully, working from home lets me grab a book and read while I wait. As a result, I got through six books.

Anime Watched6 Episodes8 Episodes
Manga Read3 Books6 Books
Posts Scheduled10 Posts12 Posts
Words Written5,0000 words
Artwork Completed1 Piece0 Sketches
KonoSuba Episode 27 Darkness and Claire boobs
KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 27) – Nefarious Friends for This Sheltered Princess!

Aspirations for the week!

I’ve got a bit of work to prepare for my downtime in the summer so I’d love to make a dent in that. Reading six books in a week is a great start as that puts me two weeks ahead of schedule. Keeping that up will be a huge help. I think that’s one of the factors that has made me consider episodically covering seasonal shows. I have three posts a week that I can’t do before the episode becomes available. Even with a couple of days between airing and the post date, it adds more pressure to my schedule. Plus, if I’m covering a show that has already finished, I can focus on one show and fully immerse myself into that world. Obviously, things can change as I get a feel for this process, but it should also give me more time to do other things.

Another thing that I’m interested in doing is consolidating all of my to-watch lists. I have one on MAL, one on Crunchyroll, another on HiDive, and then another on Netflix. A big clean-up is in order. So, yeah, lots to do. If I don’t keep myself busy, my mind will create new things to do! Thanks for reading.


  1. To think you’re playing golf for upper body improvement happens to be a good choice to make. Probably easier than lifting weights, I suppose.

    Also, realism in a fictional setting, especially if it involves supernatural stuff, can help specific readers like the story since they’re unable to retain “suspension of disbelief” talent, especially stories written within the fantasy genre. Hopefully my RPG research and a bit of reading some LitRPG-themed parts gives me a clear picture on how I write my characters, especially the major supporting ones.

    • I don’t to bulk up so golf seems like a good option for full body and flexibility. It’s also fairly easy going and it’s nice being outside. It’s also very satisfying when you hear a nice contact on the ball and see it shoot off into the distance.

      Absolutely. The smallest amount of realism can make the craziest ideas that much more digestible. This story is science fiction with alien creatures that are closely based on marine life so there’s lots of stuff I can build on.

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