Beast Tamer (Episode 4) – Dragonoid Power

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Now that Tania is part of the group, they take on a quest to defeat an infestation of slime. However, they’re surprisingly hard to find, giving Rein the chance to show off another of his abilities. Can’t all beast tamers do that?

Beast Tamer (Episode 4) – Dragonoid Power

What happened?

Rein transferred a part of his soul and his consciousness into a bird. With Tania and Kanade looking after his body, he’s confident that nothing can go wrong. Once in the bird, he takes to the sky and searches for the slime. It doesn’t take long as there are a lot of them. As they approach, Tania asks Rein if he can do any other magic. Being able to heal and cast fireball was all he was able to learn when he was younger. Tania wants to see him cast a fireball at the slimes. She has a feeling that something interesting will happen. Rein cast fireball and it’s bigger and more powerful than he’s ever been able to produce before.

Tania believes that since Rein got a physical power-up from forming a contract with Kanade, he got a magical one when he took her on. She appears to be right, and with a little help, she trains Rein to get the most out of it. Sounds like an excuse to get him to do all the work… Anyhow, they defeated the slimes and returned home where they had a big dinner. At the inn, Rein was distraught that they still only had one room available. On their next mission, Kanade got careless and Rein ended up getting stabbed by an orc saving her. She was horrified that she caused that, however, Rein was just happy that she was all right. That night, she watched him sleeping and couldn’t help but feel that there was more to their relationship than just friendship…

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Rein's fireball reaction

What did you think?

It’s been more than two months since I watched the third episode. Then, my schedule became crazy and I was forced to put some shows on hold. Well, it’s time to pick up where I left off with Beast Tamer and it continues to deliver the perfect amount of feel-good moments and easy-going vibes. Seriously, it’s just so warm and fuzzy. Even Tania’s brash attitude can’t give it some bite (Tania is my favourite so I can say that). I love how laid-back Rein is. He is completely unflappable. When he told the story about how the Hero’s Party basically used him for their own gain and then kicked him out when they felt he wasn’t of any use, I felt myself reliving that scene at the beginning of the season and I was getting angry.

I was pleased to see that Kanade still found it infuriating and also that Tania was just as incensed. Of course, Rein had moved on and didn’t want them getting into any trouble because of him. I’ve seen a lot of shows with a more rough protagonist – someone that rubs people the wrong way and it can get tiring. So, having someone like Rein who is as pure as they come is nice. I love the running joke that he doesn’t think anything he does is that special whereas everyone else can see that he’s insanely strong. It was only a couple of episodes ago that we learned that other beast tamers can’t form contracts with more than one animal at a time. Whereas Rein has a contract with two different ultimate species and can take over an animal’s body. What else can he do?

Beast Tamer Episode 4 Tania and Kanade find out Rein can take over a bird

Episode highlights

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