Beast Tamer (Episode 5) – Beast Tamer VS Hero

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Rein finds his path blocked by the hero’s party. They’ve come to offer him the chance to work with them again. Rein isn’t interested and tries to leave, but they need him to find an artefact so they can defeat the Demon Lord.

Beast Tamer (Episode 5) – Beast Tamer VS Hero

What happened?

Unfortunately, Arios hasn’t exactly given an apology. He said the words, but they were hollow and meaningless, sandwiched between insults. Rein had no interest in even entertaining the idea of helping them, but then Mina explained that they needed to find a magic shield without which they would be unable to defeat the Demon Lord. Rein didn’t like the idea of the demons tearing through the towns and what would happen to the average people. He was about to accept, but Tania demanded that they apologised sufficiently for what they did to Rein. Grovelling would be a good place to start. Arios got angry and tried to insinuate that Kanade and Tania were his pets or even worse, playthings. He knocked Arios to the floor, shocking everyone.

Arios wasn’t going to let that slight go and demanded that they settle this in a fight. Rein was fine with that. Tania and Kanade were raring to go. Kanade faced off against Aggath, the warrior. He was fairly confident that he would win, but then he hadn’t counted on Kanade’s speed or her strength. In truth, he was completely outmatched and he quickly knew it. When he threatened to unleash his full power, she responded in kind, knocking him out. Meanwhile, Tania squared up against Mina and Leane. They fired off spells, one after another, however, Tania cancelled each one without breaking a sweat. Then, she showed them what real magic looked like and scared them into passing out.

Rein found himself in more of a fight with Arios whose speed and swordsmanship were causing him some issues. However, when Arios got too close, Rein caught his arm and delivered a massive blow to his midsection. Eventually, Rein disarmed Arios who then turned to his magic attacks. Rein countered, but Arios knew more magic and was confident that Rein wouldn’t be able to keep up. Then, something strange happened. He felt his arm go numb. Then, his entire body. Rein had summoned a wasp that was able to deliver a paralysing attack. Arios begged Rein for mercy. However, Rein was done listening to him and swung his right fist. He struck the ground next to Arios’ head, but it was enough to make him pass out. Who says revenge can’t be fun?

What did you think?

I loved this episode, but also found it quite infuriating. I can’t get over what a massive ass Arios is, not to mention the other members of the hero’s party. They sacked Rein because they believed he was useless but soon discovered that he did more work than they could have imagined. To the point that they couldn’t even function as a group without him. So, rather than find him, apologise, and move on, they continued to insult and berate him even as they apologised. I know they are the hero’s party and have probably developed some fairly large egos which have been reinforced over and over again by the nobles, but they are horrible people. Truly horrible.

So, seeing Tania demand that they grovel was easily the highlight of the episode for me. She is pure fire and I love it. As much fun as Kanade is, Tania’s attitude is my favourite thing about this series. Not to mention the way she played with Mina and Leane. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone who thinks they’re untouchable getting a healthy dose of reality. It’s almost surprising that they haven’t been found out before now, although we did see how they got into loads of trouble with the gang of bandits from a couple of episodes ago. So, despite having to sit through Arios’ attacks on Rein’s character, this was a massively satisfying episode. They got what they deserved!

Beast Tamer Episode 5 Tania tells them to grovel

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