Beast Tamer (Episode 6) – The Lost Woods

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Rein takes on the job from the Hero’s Party after they apologise for how they treated him. However, once in the Lost Woods, they struggle to find the path to the Shield of Truth. Could something be trying to stop them?

Beast Tamer (Episode 6) – The Lost Woods

What happened?

They had been walking through the Lost Woods for several hours and didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. The map that Arios gave them was basically useless. Tania’s first suggestion was to burn the entire forest down and then it would be easy to find the shield. However, Rein was not a big fan of that idea and decided to assimilate with a bird so that he could see the path from the sky. He quickly found the route to follow and even had a couple of other birds confirm it for him. However, once back on the ground, they quickly became lost again, walking round and round in circles.

Tania decided it was time for her to act. Thankfully, she didn’t mean that she was going to burn down the forest this time. She cast a spell that led them to a giant glowing tree. It was the source of their problems. It exuded an illusion spell that tricked them into walking around and around. If they just got rid of the tree, they would be able to continue on their mission. So, Tania suggested that Kanade smash the tree to pieces. Again, Rein wasn’t too keen on the idea and when Kanade went to do it, he told her to stop. Kanade also heard a strange voice telling them to leave the forest.

A fairy emerged from the tree which was odd considering how much they hated humans. She told them to leave before she threw them out. They turned and ran. However, Rein decided that they needed to go back and try to talk to her, much to Tania and Kanade’s dismay. Rein tried to talk but she refused, warning him that she would remove him by force. He accepted that if it would gain her trust by proving he wasn’t a threat. After the first attack, she almost believed him, but then attacked again. Kanade and Tania rushed to protect him and defended his character. Eventually, the fairy opened up to them, revealing that her sister had been kidnapped by a Shadow Knight who wanted to find the entrance to the fairy village.

What did you think?

I’m not entirely sure exactly when it was, maybe just before the pandemic started in 2020, but I’ve started to really enjoy shows that have a more relaxed and playful style of storytelling. I still love action stories, horror, and raunchy comedies, but I never expected to get into the laid-back stuff. Well, I’m here now and this series is a lot of fun. It’s not going to win any awards but it has a place in my heart. I like the characters (mostly Tania and Kanade) and the world. There’s a little conflict with the Hero’s Party and various monsters, but even then it’s easy watching.

One thing I think this show has done well is to get the balance between the characters right. Tania and Kanade couldn’t be more different and yet they seem to go well together. They also complement Rein by feeling like natural friends. They believe him but also think he’s ridiculous. They’ll defend him to the end of the Earth even when they think he’s being too nice or naive. I while back I compared the premise to Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World and while I maintain that view, these two shows couldn’t be more different. This one could have easily followed a similar path but it stuck to a wholesome approach. Now, I love both of these shows, so I’m not attacking either. I do think it’s fascinating that you can take a similar idea and deliver entirely different stories.

Beast Tamer Episode 6 Tania uses a spell to search the woods

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