Beast Tamer (Episode 7) – The Captive Fairy

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Rein has promised Sora that they will rescue her sister, Runa from the Shadow Knight. However, the Shadow Knight is one of the Demon King’s subordinates so that might be easier said than done!

Beast Tamer (Episode 7) – The Captive Fairy

What happened?

Sora tries to come with them, but Rein suggests that she stay behind. If the Shadow Knight realises that she’s involved it might hurt Runa before they have a chance to save her. She agrees but only because she believes that Rein can do it. Admittedly, Rein isn’t a hundred percent confident, but Kanade and Tania believe in him too so that’s enough for him to push on with his plan. They find him in the woods and spot Runa, shackled to a tree. Rein charges ahead and attacks with a fireball. The Shadow Knight laughs that off as it is impervious to magical attacks. Of course, that was just a distraction.

Kanade hits it with a flying kick and then Rein follows up with a punch to the abdomen. The Shadow Knight is still standing. Annoyed that they attacked it and seem to be trying to get Runa it turns its sword in her direction. However, Tania is there to block its attack. Then, she frees Runa and flies away as Rein and Kanade continue to attack. They don’t seem to be making any progress and that becomes more apparent when the Shadow Knight unleashes a whirlwind attack that slices the forest to pieces.

Rein calls on his wasp friends to create another distraction, then he uses a spell called Boost to enhance Kanade’s power momentarily. She attacks and punches a hole in the Shadow Knight’s abdomen. It crumbles and then dies. Kanade was shocked to see that her power had increased. Tania was equally surprised as she believed that spell had been lost to the past. Luckily, Rein learned it at his village but never had the power to use it before. Upon returning Runa to Sora, they both decide to leave the fairy village after they abandoned Runa. Kanade suggests that they come with them and that Rein should forge a contract with them, too! Surely, that’s not possible!

What did you think?

There was a lot of action in this one and it was all very entertaining. The main group of characters continue to be a delight to be around and the hero’s party remains as oblivious to everything else as ever. I know they did ask him to come back again, but they don’t seem to realise how disingenuous they come across. Rein would be a fool to team up with them again. I also loved how when Kanade and Tania suggested that he should fight the Demon King he didn’t instantly jump at it. He’s far more considered and humble than the hero, which makes me believe he is the true hero as Sora and Runa suggested.

The story of the Demon King was also fairly interesting because it said that he used his immense power to control the people. Now, that sounds like a fairly dark form of the magic Rein uses. Humans are just animals after all and if he can form a contract with an ultimate species or four, what’s stopping someone from taking that further? I think there’s a lot more to the story that we’ve been told. Could the Demon King be a beast tamer and could the hero have been involved in Rein’s village? That would explain why the village was so powerful and why it was mercilessly wiped out by the Demon King’s army. The fact that they’ve added some intrigue to this laid-back feel-good adventure only makes it that much more entertaining.

Beast Tamer Episode 7 Tania and Kanade try to convince Rein that he could be strong enough to fight the demon king

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