Beast Tamer (Episode 8) – Let’s Make Weapons

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Sora and Runa are trying to settle into life in a human town, which is going as one might expect. Also, Tania and Kanade suggest that Rein get a new weapon that can keep up with his increased strength and there’s just the place nearby!

Beast Tamer (Episode 8) – Let’s Make Weapons

What happened?

Sora and Runa held onto Rein as they walked the streets of the town. There were humans everywhere and that was putting Runa on edge. Sora wasn’t doing much better. They were surprised at how well Kanade and Tania had been accepted. Maybe humans weren’t as bad as they were led to believe. Then, some children came to talk to Rein and asked if Sora and Ruin were his new wives and if they were flower spirits. This made Sora blush, although Runa took it as an insult as was about to reveal that they were fairies until Rein dragged her away.

At lunch, Kanade and Tania suggested that Rein needed some new equipment. He was using the same stuff from before they met him and his power has increased exponentially since then. He agreed so they headed to the best weapon shop in town. It was run by a sour-looking dwarf called Gantz Stroff. After looking around, Rein felt like something was off. None of these weapons seemed to be great. He challenged Gantz who was surprised to see that Rein could tell. That seemed to cheer him up as he had given up on selling his best weapons to people who would just discard them when something shinier caught their eye.

Gantz said that he would love to make a custom weapon for Rein, however, the mithril in his mine had suddenly disappeared. It was quite a mystery. Luckily, Rein offered to investigate it and his reward for finding out what happened would be a new custom weapon made by Gantz. This too pleased him. Not long after setting off, they came across a lake which was the ideal place for a break. The girls wanted to go swimming so Rein found a tree to rest behind. He put a couple of chipmunks on the lookout and relaxed. When Kanade suddenly screamed, Rein came running and accidentally saw everything…

What did you think?

Sora and Runa continue to be welcome additions to the group. I can’t get enough of Runa’s dirty mind and how she is constantly teasing Sora with it. The best moment was when she suggested that Rein get a whip as he could use it for other things. And, honestly, the way this series had been going I wasn’t expecting there to be a pool/swimming episode so this was a nice surprise. There was plenty of goofing around with Sora and Runa, and also Runa who was a little upset about the differences between a fairy’s body and a cat girl’s body or even a dragonoid’s body.

However, the best moment, which also shows the maturity of the writer, was how Tania and Kanade reacted to Rein accidentally seeing them all naked. We’ve all seen that moment a million times in anime and it almost always ends with the accidental peeper getting clobbered by one or several of the girls. Well, in Beast Tamer, Tania told Rein to forget that it ever happened. It was an accident after all. He ran to save Kanade so he couldn’t be blamed for his actions. They would all just have to get over it. Of course, Runa then suggested that Rein have a swim and maybe they would accidentally see him… Gotta love Runa! Anyhow, it just continues to be a nice easy-going series.

Beast Tamer Episode 8 Rein accidentally saw Tania Kanade Sora and Runa swimming nude

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