Best Anime Winter 2020 (Sunday Sevens)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Best Anime Winter 2020

Everyone’s getting excited about the new anime season, and why wouldn’t they be, but that doesn’t mean we should forget the last season. So, here are my seven favourite anime titles from Winter 2020.

Best Anime Winter 2020

As this is one of my Sunday Sevens posts, I’ll be ranking my seven favourite shows from the Winter 2020 lineup. I started twelve titles. Three of them fell to the wayside after one episode, they were Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Nekopara, and Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. For whatever reason, they didn’t click with me and sometimes that’s just the way it goes. I am still watching Ishuzoku Reviewers and will finish it eventually, but there’s no real drive to hurry up and finish it as there’s no real story pushing me on. That means there are eight series that I will have completed (or completed to the middle of the two cour series) and only seven spots… Sorry, Plunderer, but you are the weakest link!

7. In/Spectre (Season One)

InSpectre Episode 3 Kotoko Kicking Steel Lady Nanase

This series started out great, showcasing some great dialogue and interesting misdirections. I really enjoyed the way that we were looking at different cases and watching Kotoko solve them using her ability to weave a believable tale. However, as the series went on, it got stuck on one case for the final eight episodes and many of those featured the main characters sitting in a car as Kotoko wrote messages on a web forum. It was an interesting idea, but I found that I got pretty bored and started to lose interest in the characters.

6. Somali and the Forest Spirit (Season One)

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 2 Somali Eating Fish

If you’re after some incredible visuals and fascinating world-building then Somali and the Forest Spirit is one that you should check out. It also has a heartwarming tale of an emotionless Golem learning that it had feelings and a desire to see Somali grow up happy, even though it was near the end of its own lifespan. It tackled a number of issues and was fairly blunt with them, lacking the subtly to make it feel natural to the story. I will also forever be disappointed in the way the final episode went down and the conflict from the previous episode that wasn’t resolved in a manner to my liking.

5. My Hero Academia (Season Four)

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 76 Midoriya about to hit Overhaul with Everything he has

I was excited for the latest season of My Hero Academia and am as surprised as anyone to find it so low on this list. This season suffered from odd pacing, untimely flashbacks that disrupted the action, and a second-half that lacked any real conflict. I binge-watched all the other seasons so that may have changed my view on it, but I still really don’t care for the school festival and I feel like the whole thing with Gentle Criminal may have been working towards something interesting, but it really wasn’t the main focus of the arc. Rather, it was about making Eri smile which was cute, but whatever.

4. Infinite Dendrogram (Season One)

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 6 Ray versus UBM

When this series was good, it was excellent. The action scenes alone were a lot of fun and made the episodes zip by. However, there was an awful lot of sitting around and having tea as some characters handed out massive exposition dumps. It really was a mixed bag as some episodes were on fire and others felt like a chore. Overall, I liked the story and felt like the potential for some really interesting developments are just around the corner. It’s a good opening season. Hopefully, we’ll have more.

3. Darwin’s Game (Season One)

Darwin's Game Episode 4 Kaname Weapon Smith

I didn’t expect to enjoy this one anywhere near as much as I did and am really glad that I chose to cover it. Kaname was an interesting character who went through some real growth as the season went on. He had to face his own short falling and adapt to survive. Too often characters will just magically get answers without suffering any real loses, but not Kaname. This series also had some great visuals and awesome fights. I really hope we get a second season of this one as it’s just getting going.

2. ID: Invaded (Season One)

ID Invaded Episode 1 Sakaido

This series had a very cool mix of science fiction and the supernatural. It also did a pretty good job of remembering all of the questions it raised throughout the series and tied them off well. The ending definitely made the series that much better, but I enjoyed the whole thing so that was a bonus. This was another series that benefitted from some amazing images and with a lot of it taking place inside the minds of the serial killers, it was truly fantastic and bizarre. There have been some hints at a second season and that would be great, but it also ended so well that I don’t think it is essential.

1. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Season One)

BOFURI Episode 1 Maple with One of a Kind Equipment

I loved this series and had a lot of fun watching it. Every episode, I found myself grinning at the absurdness of Maple’s adventures and how she would suddenly find the most outlandish use for her skills. I don’t know how much more I can gush about this series, but the second season was announced at the end of the last episode and I am absolutely pumped for that. The whole thing was just so warm and fuzzy that it’s hard not to get carried away with Maple and her friends.

On the whole, I enjoyed the Winter 2020 anime schedule even though I had some grumbles. Unfortunately, the one that I liked the least has continued into the next season. So, I’ve got another twelve weeks of Plunderer, which right now is one of the most disappointing shows I think I’ve ever seen. Had I not started covering it for, I would have dropped it a long time ago.

Obviously, these are just my opinions and I didn’t watch everything that was released. So, would you agree or disagree with my selections? Which were your favourite shows from Winter 2020? Thanks, again for reading.

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  1. Totally agree with your thoughts on BOFURI. Maple’s luck and her interaction with the gang is just too infectious to hold back the smile. I think it’s one of the most precious gems from winter!

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      Absolutely. It won out on the sheer enjoyment factor, but it was also the one series that I always looked forward to and watched as soon as I could.

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