Best Fight Spring 2020 (Sunday Sevens)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Best Fight Spring 2020

Usually, I pick my favourite fights from the previous season of anime, but this time, I’m going to do something a little different. For me, there was one series that stole the show, so get ready for a Pecorine takeover!

Best Fight Spring 2020

That’s right, I’m going to revisit Princess Connect! Re:Dive and look at my seven favourite fights involving Pecorine. This series took me completely by surprise. Not only was it a fun story with some darker elements, but the fights themselves were stunning. The animation was spectacular and the sound effects just added another layer, making it feel like you were actually there with them. There were some good fights in Tower of God and The 8th Son had a reasonable one, but nothing compares to Pecorine. There will be some spoilers for Princess Connect, although I’ll try to keep it light!

7. Pecorine versus an Orc (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine punches an orc

When you first meet Pecorine, she seems like a bit of a ditz. She’s friendly and sweet, but oh so trusting. That results in two unsavoury gentlemen stealing her sword. Don’t worry, she gets it back and they all become friends, but it did have an Inspector Gadget feel to it. Anyhow, it turns out Pecorine doesn’t need a sword. She can just punch things!

6. Pecorine versus a Dragon (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine punches a dragon

Talking of punching things and the guys that stole Pecorine’s sword… Well, they find themselves cornered by an angry dragon and Pecorine being Pecorine, she rushes to save them. Yuuki acts as bait and the dragon tries to eat him. It would have probably succeeded too had it not been for Pecorine punching it back to Earth! So much fun!

5. Pecorine versus a Monster Bird (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 8 Pecorine attacking Monster Bird

Once more Yuuki has fallen foul to a giant monster and this time, it’s a giant chicken… Anyhow, he was overseeing some younger adventurers and took them on a far more dangerous quest than he had planned. Things were looking dire, especially as Pecorine had used up all her energy keeping them safe before now. Luckily, she found a bite to eat and then obliterated the giant chicken!

4. Pecorine versus the Shadows (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 7 Pecorine versus the Shadows

While working at a small town for a quest, they were attacked by Shadows – walking dark beings that seek out bodies to consume to create more shadows. Yes, they sound a lot like zombies, but they’re not. It’s probably the only thing this series was missing. Anyhow, Yuuki and another group were busy fighting Christina when they look back at the village to see Pecorine’s signature move causing a lot of damage to the shadows. It was also a turning point for Karyl who stepped in to help.

3. Pecorine versus the Kraken (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 9 Pecorine throwing the Kraken

You’d think the swimsuit/beach episode would be fairly relaxed, and for the most part, you’d be correct. But then one of the girls is caught by the Kraken who has the clear advantage in the sea. So, Karyl blew it up and then Pecoring threw it onto the beach. Once there, Sarin finished it off with a pretty impressive attack which resulted in a ton of Kraken meat for their beach hut restaurant. Simply another stunning fight to watch.

2. Pecorine versus the Giant Shadow (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 12 Pecorine runs into battle against the Ultimate Shadow Warrior

Seriously, just look at that image! With a giant shadow creature inside the city walls, Pecorine took it upon herself to stand against it, buying her friends the time they need to get away. She is absolutely fearless in battle, which is incredible when you find out more about her. Needless to say, the Giant Shadow was pretty much the end boss for the season. Hopefully, we’ll get another season, and not just for more Pecorine fights.

1. Pecorine versus Food (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine wins eating contest

As if it wasn’t enough that Pecorine was incredibly strong, but she also had a pretty healthy appetite and was fearless when it came to trying new food. Pecorine ate pretty much everything in this series and that included winning a food eating contest and finding herself going head to head with a crepe wagon that offered her all she could eat. She won with a landslide victory.

Yes, I know. This has been just another attempt to get this series some more attention, and mostly because, I really want another season. You might say that I’m being selfish, but if you watch Princess Connect! Re:Dive, I think you’ll find that there is nothing selfish about recommending great anime to others. This series is a lot of fun and it also has plenty of action, as you can see from above.

Obviously, these are just my opinions. Have you seen Princess Connect! Re:Dive? Would you agree or disagree with my selections? Which were your favourite Pecorine fights? Thanks, again for reading.

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    • Kokkoro was great, but Pecorine’s story was more developed. It was tragic, but she still managed to remain positive and hopeful.

  1. True, but I love Kokkoro’s absolute dedication to Yuuki and her laser focus (on serving Yuuki!).

    • True, but I want to know why she was so focused on him. We need more story. Where is that announcement for season two already?

    • Me too. It was just so much fun and even had a pretty interesting story. Wasn’t expecting it at all from a series developed from a mobile game.

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