Best Fight Winter 2020 (Sunday Sevens)

The Otaku Author Sunday Sevens Best Fight Winter 2020

Well, it’s time for my favourite category from my seasonal awards and this time, I’m looking at my favourite fight scenes from the Winter 2020 anime schedule. There were some incredible fights, so this should be fun!

Best Fight Winter 2020

We’re almost four weeks into the Spring 2020 anime schedule so you’ll be glad to hear that this is the last round of awards for last season, but as with most things, I’ve saved the best for last. Sure, we can all talk about the best anime or the best character, but there really isn’t anything quite like a great fight scene. There’s also a lot more to it that two characters just beating the hell out of one another. If anything, a good fight is more like a beautifully choreographed dance. The characters involved should move and react to one another. There needs to be tension and a good use of the time available. Flashbacks, it included at all shouldn’t feel intrusive. Then, there’s the music and the animation. This is an active medium after all! Anyhow, that’s enough build up, let’s get it on!

7. Akihito Narihisago versus The Challenger (ID: Invaded)

ID Invaded Episode 9 Narihisago fighting the Challenger

After all that talk, I’m starting with possibly the most realistic fight from the group and it was an uncomfortable viewing experience. Both Narihisago and the Challenger were fighting to the death. It was brutal and absolutely impossible to look away, even when the Challenger broke Narihisago’s arm. This is not a glamourous moment, but it had some real impact and not least because of what the Challenger took from Narihisago.

6. Xuelan versus The Sunset Ravens (Darwin’s Game)

Darwin's Game Episode 9 Liu Xuelan Versus Shuka

Xuelan had just kidnapped Kaname from a fight with another clan boss and revealed her plans for him. She was to make him a part of his assassination guild and quite possibly have him father her child to create an heir. Well, that all sounds lovely and all, but Kaname wasn’t sold on the idea and neither was his clan, the Sunset Ravens. This episode was one of my highlights of the series and the fight was utterly intense with an outstanding soundtrack and some insane moves. Unlike the last fight on this list, this one was fun. Kaname had challenged Xuelan to win without killing anyone. If she could do that, he would willingly surrender to her. Even with that caveat, this fight was electric!

5. Shuka Karino versus Wang (Darwin’s Game)

Darwin's Game Episode 11 Shuka shows Wang who's boss

I’ve got this one listed as a fight, but in reality, it was more like a lion toying with a stuffed mouse. Wang believed that he was unstoppable and that was probably his biggest weakness. Shuka knew this and was more than ready for him. Even as he charged towards her, shooting off his mouth, she just stood and smiled, and then she removed his leg without any resistance. Wang was shocked and horrified, but that also made him angry and he further played into Shuka’s hands. She was incredible in this episode and it was great to finally see why she was such a highly ranked player in D-Game.

4. Maple versus Mii (BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense)

BOFURI Episode 11 Mii seeing Maple in Machine God Form

After having Maple guard their base in the Guild event, they finally let her loose on the other unsuspecting players. Sally had prepared a path for her to follow and it inevitably led her to the Flame Emperors. As one of the top guilds, they were prepared for Maple or so they thought. It was amazing watching Maple walk through their traps and attacks as if they were nothing and then when Mii got involved it was epic. Mii had a lot of firepower and she unleashed everything she had, but it still wasn’t enough. Eventually, she decided to take Maple down with her and self-destructed, but Maple just brushed herself off and continued. This series was so much fun, whatever was happening.

3. Midoriya versus Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 76 Midoriya about to hit Overhaul with Everything he has

Seeing Midoriya get to use One for All at one hundred percent was something we’ve all been waiting for since the entrance exams to U.A. We were not disappointed! Midoriya was able to move through the air with ease, using his blows to propel himself towards Overhaul who had merged with several of his minions. Even with his terrifying power, he looked like a child when Midoriya went in for the final attack. This was one of those moments that will stay with you for quite some time. It was absolutely breathtaking!

2. Maple versus Payne (BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense)

BOFURI Episode 12 Maple versus Payne

Payne was a pretty mysterious character. He won the first event and set up the number one guild. We even got to see him defeat an entire army, so when he waltzed into Maple Tree’s base with his strongest guild members, you knew you were in for a hell of a fight. Payne was on another level and took Maple’s HP down to one in an instant. She was only saved due to her special ability. Amazingly, she managed to fight back and hit Payne with her Machine God skill, reducing his HP to one. He too had the same ability. Then, when things were looking pretty even Maple used her Atrocity skill and ate Payne and the rest of his guild. I can’t recommend this series highly enough. So much fun.

1. Endeavor versus Nomu (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 88 Endeavor hits back

I may have found my fight of the year already in this one, and I’m not even mad! This entire episode was a fight and it was incredible. Literally, everything worked and I have watched it a couple of times just to make sure. This is one of those classic moments in an anime series where everything changes and it can revive a stumbling juggernaut. I mean that literally too as if this fight had been pushed back to next season, I may not have even seen it. For me, this was the best fight of the season and it was better than the rest of season four of MHA put together. This was mindblowing.

This was the only category this season where I felt like having just seven wasn’t enough. There were a lot of good fights and many of them for different reasons. One that just missed the cut was Sally fighting an underwater boss in Bofuri. It had major Legend of Zelda vibes and really shouldn’t be forgotten. None of the fights from Infinite Dendrogram made on here either and there were some really good ones. I had a good selection to choose from, and that’s all I can ask for.

Obviously, these are just my opinions and I didn’t watch everything that was released that season. So, would you agree or disagree with my selections? Which were your favourite fights from Winter 2020? Thanks, again for reading.

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  1. I’ve not seen all these fights, but I definitely agree on the MHA and Bofuri fights. For my top picks I’d have to choose from Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, either Ushiwakamaru vs Gorgon or the entirety of the climatic battle.

    • I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Fate series and starting a story in part seven was too much on the hate side for me. I made it four episodes in before walking away. I might try again another time. Binge watching may help.

    • I completely get that. There were moments were it felt like I was watching a final season to a show where I’d skipped over all the previous seasons, but there were enough introduces to new characters to get me through.

      The action was also top notch throughout.

    • The fights are always a highlight in Fate. Zero is still my favourite series from the franchise. That was epic and it had zombies!

  2. Midoryia v. Overhaul also hints at something I’ve suspected for a while… There’s a spiritual (psychological?) component to One For All, a component that All Might never tapped into. The 2nd movie also hints at that in the final battle.

    Can’t quite put my finger on it, but like a floater in your eye – it’s still there.

    If that makes any sense.

    • Oooo! I’ve not seen the second movie yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for that when I get a chance. I like the idea that Midoriya with his tactical approach would open up an aspect that All Might never uncovered, being a straight power type.

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