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Settle down, settle down. If you can’t find a seat, you’re welcome to stand in the aisle. Just try not to block anyone else’s view. After all, this is what we’ve all been waiting for – Best Girl Spring 2020!

Best Girl Spring 2020

Last week’s post focused on the best male characters from the Spring 2020 anime schedule and if we’re being honest, it was slim pickings. Am I intentionally watching shows that have mostly female casts? Who knows, but I do know that this post is going to be a lot harder. Some feelings are going to get hurt and if your favourite girl from Spring 2020 doesn’t make it, well, there’s not a lot I can do about it, but feel free to let me know. I’m happy to discuss. It won’t change anything though…

7. Lady Groza (Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle)

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle Episode 4 Lady Groza

This may seem like a slight to all the wonderful girls that didn’t make it into the top seven, but Lady Groza was ironically the shining light in an otherwise awful series. I could have watched twelve episodes all about her, but they had to throw in some of these other characters. Some didn’t even have names… Anyhow, Lady Groza deserves to be here and my word is final!

6. Yutoria (Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle!)

Shachibato President it's time for battle Episode 5 Yutoria hugging a bag of gold in front of Marika and Minato

There were several other characters from Shachibato that almost made it, most notably Guide and Akari, but Yutoria was the one that I ended up shipping with Minato and it would appear that I wasn’t the only one. She’s the secretary for Kibou Company and was responsible for bringing Minato on as President. There were times where she was cute and adorable, and other times when she was terrifying.

5. Nakata Nao (Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls)

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls Episode 11 Nakata Nao Batting

I know, I’ve done it again and picked a girl who wasn’t on the team that the series focused on. I could have picked Yomi or Tamaki, or even Shiragaki, but Nakata was a great character. She was one of the only people in the series to not take Tamaki and Yomi lightly. On top of that, she was an awesome athlete and I do love a strong and powerful girl.

4. Endorsi Jahad (Tower of God)

Tower of God Episode 8 Endorsi Jahad

Endorsi pretty much covered the bases for sinister smiles in Tower of God. She had a mischievous look to her and that made the horn that much more relevant. Her relationship with Anaak was interesting and I’m glad that they managed to find a common goal, despite their difference. She definitely took over the show every time she was on the screen… Well, almost every time, because there was another…

3. Kokkoro (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 1 Kokkoro

I think the kawaii is starting to rub off on me. Kokkoro was a fun character, but she was also like a mother to Yuuki, guiding and protecting him as he attempted to recover his memories. Her reaction every time Yuuki was eaten, however, is the main reason she’s up here. It was just too damn cute and funny. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Kokkoro.

2. Yuri Jahad (Tower of God)

Tower of God Episode 12 Yuri Jahad

No one, and I mean no one, commanded your attention better in Tower of God than Yuri Jahad. A princess of Jahad, she had a harsh tone to her and was just as brutal physically. Seeing her brush off Lo Po Bia’s attack as if she was drying her nails was insane. I just wish we’d seen more of her and by more, I mean, I need to see her fighting. I’d gladly watch a prequel series about her.

1. Pecorine (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 1 Pecorine

It was my favourite series from Spring 2020 and Pecorine was a large part of that. She was an absolute delight. Her insatiable appetite and willingness to try just about anything was so cool, but it’s when she starts to fight that you really can’t look away. The animation and sound effects for the fights in Princess Connect were outstanding and that just helped to show what a badass Pecorine was. She also has a tragic backstory that warrants another season. Admittedly, it was her friendship with Kokkoro, Karyl, and Yuuki that really made this series shine, but Pecorine was the best of a great bunch of characters.

And there you have it. There were several other characters that were millimetres away from getting into the top seven. I feel bad for them, but at the same time, I loved all of these characters so not that bad. I’ve always been a big fan of strong female characters and I think that’s fairly obvious from this list.

Obviously, these are just my opinions and I didn’t watch everything that was released. So, would you agree or disagree with my selections? Who were your favourite female characters from Spring 2020? Thanks, again for reading.

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  1. For me, “Best Girls Spring 2020” would come down to: Bakarina (My Next Life as a Villainess), but she… somehow doesn’t really feel like a Best Girl. Despite how wonderfully that one note was played out, she was a one note character. -Or- Koda Minare (Wave, Listen to Me!), who simultaneously has many qualities of a potential Best Girl… and is also the least likely candidate in the history of ever to be a Best Girl.

    • Cool. I didn’t see either of those, although had planned on My Next Life as a Villainess but didn’t have time. I will kept them in mind if I get around to watching them.

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