Bikini Warriors (Episode 11) – A Snare To Trap A Pure Maiden

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Paladin is used to sacrificing herself for the party, but is agreeing to marry a creepy mayor a step too far? Maybe, but she will gladly step up and take it if it means saving her friends!

Bikini Warriors (Episode 11) – A Snare To Trap A Pure Maiden

What happened?

She’s thrown herself into danger on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. One time, she saved Mage from a wizard’s lightning attack. Another time, she rescued Dark Elf from a slime that was eating through her armour and when it turned on her, she told them to save themselves. Even when they faced an unbeatable monster, Paladin sacrificed herself so the others could continue.

So, when a creepy mayor tells the Bikini Warriors that to continue on their quest one of them will need to marry him, of course, Paladin steps up. She’s ready to take one for the team and it seems like she’s a little excited about it…

Bikini Warriors Episode 11 Paladin strips

What did you think?

Paladin has always been a bit suspect and this episode just flat-out confirms it. She clearly has a higher-than-normal sex drive and is constantly taking what pleasure she can from whatever situation she finds herself in. However, the idea of that dirty old bastard getting his hands on Paladin was too much. I’m glad the others stepped in, even if Paladin had her reservations. I’m sure she’ll get another chance.

Bikini Warriors Episode 11 Paladin excited

Episode highlights

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