Bikini Warriors (Episode 4) – A Hero Needs No Reward

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In order to gain access to the dungeon and complete their quest, the Bikini Warriors need to get a key from a village mayor, but he’s not just going to give it to them for free. First, they will need to show that they are worthy!

Bikini Warriors (Episode 4) – A Hero Needs No Reward

What happened?

However, only Fighter seems to be willing to take on the Mayor’s ridiculous challenges which involve running goods around town, catching a stray dog, testing a potion, and defeating a tentacle monster. For the most part, the others stand around and watch, but then when things are looking dicey for Fighter they step in and help with the final challenge, seemingly inspired by her determination.

Of course, when they go to see the Mayor to claim their reward – the key to the dungeon, they are surprised to learn that they had the key inside them all along, but by completing his challenges they have proven that they will take care of the needs of others before their own… Yeah, the mayor isn’t going to get out of this one in one piece!

Bikini Warriors Episode 4 The Bikini Warriors Finished the Challenges

What did you think?

Basically, this episode was all set up for the one joke. It’s a fairly old joke and one that has appeared in numerous RPGs and fantasy stories. If anything, it’s rude not to make fun of this joke and I think because of the absurdity of the challenges, you almost don’t see it coming. This series is equal parts stupid and funny, and at only four minutes an episode there’s not much to get upset about.

Bikini Warriors Episode 4 The Mayor

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