Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 1) – Rainbow Bullet

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Eve golfs for money, although she’s not a professional. She plays against anyone looking to make a fast buck and promptly relieves them of their money. However, something is about to change!

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Episode 1) – Rainbow Bullet

What happened?

While Eve isn’t a professional golfer, she’s certainly good enough. Even once posing as a professional to ensure she retains her status. She was tasked with finishing fourth so as not to draw too much attention. Soon after, she is challenged to a three-hole high-stakes game and since they need the money, she’s always ready to take on all opponents. This one was actually the professional golfer she was impersonating who wanted to see just how good she was. Eve exceeded even her expectations.

Eve lives with her friends, Klein and Lily in a bar where they also look after a number of orphans. Of course, the police continue to shake them down or else they’d close the bar and ship the orphans away to a real orphanage. Eve is determined not to let that happen. She even takes on another game where the stakes are so high, that Lily won’t even tell her what she’s wagered.

Eve ends up playing against the number one ranked junior girl who is preparing for the local tournament that begins the next day. However, she sees Eve play one hole and retires. Eve plays her own way and it goes against everything a professional golfer might believe in. If she continued, she was sure that Eve would break her spirit ahead of the tournament. Luckily, there’s another golfer who’s keen to continue the game – a young Japanese golfer called Aoi Amawashi who is to debut at the tournament.

Birdie Wing Episode 1 Eve versus Aoi Amawashi

What did you think?

So, this was amazing. I’m already a massive fan of Eve and am loving the way she plays golf – trick shots and brute force. Beyond being introduced to Eve and getting a little teaser of Aoi, we’ve not really got to the point of finding out what the story is beyond Eve making enough money to keep her family together. At this point, I don’t think that matters either. They did enough to make me want to find out more and I’m ready to grab my seven iron and play along.

This series is billed as being a yuri series and I’m yet to see whether that’s because it’s girls playing sports or there actually is a relationship between some of the girls. I’m grand either way so that’s not a problem for me. I could see people referring to similar shows like Iwakakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls or Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls which were more about friendship. I think people are often too quick to label shows that heavily or exclusively feature girls as yuri.

Anyhow, I’m excited about this series and glad to see that a second season has already been announced. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how Aoi handles a 48-inch shaft. That girl has got to be talented!

Birdie Wing Episode 1 Aoi Amawashi

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    • I’m already looking forward to the next season. It’s a lot of fun. Completely over-the-top fun!

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