Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Season Two)

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Eve and Aoi manage to win the girls’ doubles tournament although Aoi didn’t finish too strong. She started to suffer from headaches and discovers she has a rare disease that may stop her from playing altogether!

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (Season Two)

What did you watch?

I had planned on watching this straight after I finished season one, but it got delayed and then my time got taken up with other things. Well, finally, after too long of a break I got to sit down and watch the second season. The first season, I reviewed episodically and had a blast. This time, I binge-watched the hell out of it, finishing it in two sittings. So, the moment of truth is upon us. Does season two live up to the sheer unadulterated joy that was season one? It’s going to be hard, but let’s find out.

Birdie Wing Episode 18 Catherine

What happened?

Eve and Aoi won the tournament but it went to the wire. Aoi’s last shot put them close enough to chip onto the green, but Aoi was struggling. It became apparent that she may not make another shot. Eve realised the stakes and decided to chip it into the hole and save Aoi. To do that, she needed to use the shot she used a couple of holes back when she hit the flag from the rough and dropped the ball into the hole. Last time, it seemed to cause her some emotional pain, but she would do it again for Aoi. This time, she dropped the ball beyond the hole and watched as the backspin took it home. Not only that, but Eve’s memories returned. She remembered everything!

Eve’s father was a Japanese golfer. It was Aoi’s father! But he told Eve that she was his only daughter. Then, their coach collapsed at the driving range. He had the same rare disease that Aoi has and had to give up golf as a result. Well, it turns out that he is Aoi’s real father, so they’re not sisters. Then, Aoi’s mother learns of Eve’s past involvement with the mafia and has her leave Japan. Now, the only way to finish their game is for Eve to seek out her grandfather, a British gangster who is able to arrange a clear-the-air match against Catherine. If she loses she dies. If she wins, Catherine will leave her alone.

All she has to do then is win a local tournament to become a pro golfer. Eve competes in a tournament and pushes her body even harder than before, developing her own shots. It puts insane pressure on her body and she barely walks away in one piece. Meanwhile, Aoi’s condition is getting worse. She has already become the youngest pro golfer in Japan, being the youngest person to win a pro tournament. However, her illness is getting worse. Amane, her personal caddy, challenges Eve to compete at the British Open in one year. That will give them the time to prepare for what may be Aoi’s last-ever game of golf!

Birdie Wing Episode 25 Eve and Aoi back to settle the score

What did you think?

This is quite possibly the greatest series ever! The sheer amount of drama is incredible. It’s like a telenovela about teenage girls playing golf. The first season was already insane with robotic prosthetics, variable golf courses, and full-dive virtual reality. Then there was the mafia and their connections to the story. In this season, we learnt that the person Aoi believed to be her father was actually Eve’s father and her mother was the daughter of a British gangster, far more terrifying than Catherine. The coach was actually Aoi’s father and had been training her since birth but never revealed his true identity. All of that was absolutely bonkers in a wonderful way and that’s before you even get to the golf. I loved the way the girls would yell their shots like it was a battle shounen. I loved that they were ridiculously accurate. This is a wonderful series. My advice would be to watch it as a twenty-five-episode season, and then watch it again!

Birdie Wing Episode 18 Eve

What was your favourite moment?

Despite all the fantastically over-the-top drama, I actually enjoyed the golf more than anything. It was especially fascinating watching Eve and Aoi develop their golf game. Some of their shots were incredible such as Eve dropping the ball directly into the cup from some distance. The backspin added some awesome moments, but there was one particular moment that really enjoyed. Eve was playing from the rough and needed to get it in to keep their hopes of winning alive. She pulled out a shot that had been buried in her memory – a shot her father taught her.

She took aim and pulled the trigger. The ball flew through the air and hit the flag. That took the sting out of it, dropping it straight into the cup. The thing that I loved about that shot is that I have achieved a similar shot, all be it in Switch Sports on the Nintendo Switch. There were so many other great moments such as when Eve told the reigning champion that she wasn’t really playing against her when they teed off on the eighteenth hole. The audacity of it was incredible. This series is incredible.

Birdie Wing Episode 16 Eve

What was your least favourite moment?

If I’m going to pick fault at anything, it’s the possible story continuity error I spotted. In the first season, they told us that Klein and Lily rescued Eve from a burning building and took her to an underground doctor because they were both in a shady line of work. This season, they told us that Eve was found, washed up on the beach after the ferry she was on with her parents sank, killing both of them. Given the wonderfully absurd events of this show, it’s entirely possible that both happened, but who knows?

Birdie Wing Episode 16 Eve tells Aoi who her father is

Who was your favourite character?

It’s still Eve. She hasn’t changed much since the first episode except to finally take advice from her caddy. Sure, she developed her own technique fusing what she learnt from her father and Leo, and then taking it even further when she used Aoi’s clubs on the final day of the British Open, but character-wise, she was still cocky and headstrong. I loved the way she butted heads with Catherine even knowing who she was and how much power she had. Eve is the absolute personification of determination. She wants something she goes and gets it, but she doesn’t take handouts. She works her ass off for everything.

Birdie Wing Episode 25 Eve Shining Rainbow Burst

Who was your least favourite character?

In the first season, I picked Amane as my least favourite character, but she was still pretty interesting. Well, she stepped up big time this season when she turned down the chance to caddy for her sister and the way she fought to keep Aoi going. This time, I’m going to pick another caddy. Reigning champion, Juha Hamilail was prepared for everything, even the unexpected. However, her caddy, Karen Lapana went behind Juha’s back to inform the golf governing body about Eve’s past association with the mafia. It ultimately cost Eve the title at the British Open and got her suspended for three years. That was a dick move!

Birdie Wing Episode 25 Karen Lapana

Would you like some more?

Honestly, I could watch these two golf forever and while I doubt we will get another season, if it happened, I would absolutely watch it. I will, however, be on the lookout for the next show like this, because it was great and apparently, I can’t get enough sports anime that focuses on female characters. I’ve watched a few now and this is currently tied with Harukana Receive as my favourites.

Birdie Wing Episode 14 Aoi

What have you learnt?

I loved how ridiculous this show was. It started small and built and built until it was the most unbelievable story going, but it all made perfect sense. We’d seen the absurd and that just prepared us for what was to come. As such, we were more than willing to believe that Eve and Aoi could make the sort of shots they were making. It almost felt natural that they could regularly hit the pole or chip in. I know there are golfers that can do that, but not over and over again. Regardless, all of the bizarre scenarios and wonderfully insane ideas made anything feel possible. It’s the same as weaving a bit of reality into fantasy stories. It sets the tone and tempers the expectations of the audience. If we’re waiting to see how much crazy it can get, we won’t be disappointed when it happens.

Birdie Wing Episode 19 Aoi Shinning Wings

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