BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 10) – Defense and Attack


After the first wave of attacks, Maple Tree found themselves in seventeenth place which is good for a small guild, but they want to do better. Sally rushes out to perform a quick hit on the other small guilds before they’re wiped out!

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Episode 10) – Defense and Attack

What happened?

Sally appears to be pushing herself too hard, but she has a plan and it’s all about putting in the groundwork, to begin with. While she is out working hard, Kanade decides to pitch in too and heads out to collect some orbs. Kasumi and Kuromu also venture outside the home base to intercept attackers, leaving Maple, Yui and May to keep the orb safe. Sally runs into Frederica and an army of soldiers from the Order of the Holy Sword. She’s doing her best to get away, but there are too many of them. As things are looking bleak, she fires off a message to Maple apologising that she might die. Well, Maple isn’t going to let that happen and hurries to her aid. But that left their base with only May and Yui to guard it and it’s terrible timing as Dread shows up!

BOFURI Episode 10 Sally and Oboro

What was your favourite element?

This episode felt like it was primarily focused on setting up a big battle for the next episode. Sally had managed to map the entire event and note the locations of all of the orbs. On top of that, she’d made a plan for Maple to follow. That’s right, they’re sending out the big guns! Maple took Yui and May with her and flew from base to base, annihilating all in their way. Finally, their path brought them head to head with the Flame Emperors. I loved the slow walk from Syrup with Maple in the middle, flanked by Yui and May and her Predator familiars. Every trap they set for her was hopeless as it either bounced off of Maple’s invincible shield or was smashed to pieces by the hammers of Yui and May. The next episode is going to be awesome!

BOFURI Episode 10 Maple Yui and May versus Mii Marcus and Misery

What have you learnt?

I think we may have leant that Maple has a weakness. Dread was able to hit Syrup with a throwing dagger and Maple absorbed the hit. Sure, it probably didn’t make much of a dent in her total HP, but it was a hit nonetheless. If Dread noticed, it could be the most important piece of information he can provide for his guild. I like that it was brushed off as nothing, although I’m sure Sally will have taken note. She’s definitely the pro player here and nothing seems to slip past her. I’m a little sad that we’ve only got two more episodes and then the season is over because this has been a lot of fun and I will be wanting more.

BOFURI Episode 10 Maple comes to save Sally

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  1. I like the bit where she was flying on Syrup and the other guilds were freaking out as soon as they saw a flying turtle – because they *knew* what that meant. (As foretold by the chat exchanges at the end of each episode.)

    • Yeah and it’s such a non-threatening mode of transport too. Makes it that much funnier. “Oh no! A giant flying turtle… we’re all gonna die!” Looking forward to seeing how the fight goes and whether Maple ends up using her monster skill.

  2. I still don’t know how Maple was able to reach Sally in a short amount of time to save her. Is that normal, did she use cover move or did i miss sth

    • Yeah, I’m not sure. Cover would have got her there faster and we know she can’t run. Maybe her winged mode isn’t slowed the same way. She has used cover to keep up with Sally before so that might be it.

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