Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 10) – We Came After You

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

With Christmas just around the corner, the Catians plan on giving the humans a present to help with diplomatic relations. However, the Dogishuans see this as the perfect moment to get rid of the Catians for good!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 10) – We Came After You

What happened?

Manami tries to explain to Aoi why she has to take advantage of the season if she’s to get close to Kio. She also points out that, failing to make an effort would just play into Eris’ hands and allow her to make the move. Aoi’s not too comfortable with being rushed and feels like she’s happy with the current situation.

Captain Kunne has come to Earth to visit Kio and enjoy some Earth food. She also has an early present for Kio. It’s a power suit that would enable him to be able to protect himself and those around him. However, before the night is through they are attacked by Dogishuan Assistroids who inject Kunne with nanobots that block her brain functions.

At the exact same time, more Dogishuan Assistroids attack the Catian mothership and take control. Melwin, who is acting Captain in Kunne’s absence, separates the bridge from the ship hiding it in hyperspace. The Dogishaun’s have captured the ship and are happy to wait for it to crash into Earth, ruining the Catian Human relations.

Eris’ ship has also been destroyed, leaving them trapped on Earth as the mothership drifts towards them!

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 10 Captain Kunne visits for Dinner

What did you think?

This was a much slower episode that focused on preparing for the final confrontation and it does a great job of setting the stakes and throwing everything into chaos. It was a crazy tactic from the Dogishuan’s but it worked. The only knockback was not capturing the bridge or Captain Kunne. Still, Kunne is incapacitated, but will that be another.

It was a nice episode, but it was never going to keep up with the last episode which was surprisingly entertaining, especially as it did very little to move the plot forward.

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Episode highlights


A Visitor!


Mission Complete!

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