Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 13) – Come Drop By

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

Eris wants to do some research into Earth cultures and has arranged for a gaming session with Kio, Aoi, Manami, and Antonia, and to make things interesting, there are some special prizes!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 13) – Come Drop By

What happened?

The prizes include a behind the scenes DVD of Kio’s latest movie which included nude shots courtesy of Eris, an Eris figurine from Antonia, a trio of Kinder Egg cats, and the DVD of the movie starring Aoi and Manami in bunny bikinis. The stakes are set and now everyone has something to play for.

The first game is Rhyming Doubt which Kio wins. He collects the behind the scenes DVD and saves his honour. For the second game, they play Monopoly and Antonia easily wipes the floor with them. She takes back the Eris figurine. The third game is Twister and after some dubious decision about whether Eris can use her tail or not, she wins and reclaims her Kinder Egg toys… They are treasured gifts from Kio after all.

With one game to go and just one prize left, Aoi and Manami are desperate to win. However, it’s Strip Janken and Kio seems to be unbeatable, even wearing a blindfold. For some reason, Ichika, Maya, and Sarah join the game, but I can’t imagine anyone is complaining. Ultimately, Kio wins, but surprisingly gifts the DVD to Aoi and Manami.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13 Kio Playing Strip Janken Blindfolded

What did you think?

One of the funniest things about this episode was that the Catians were playing strip games between each segment and often pondered why humans enjoyed strip games so much. Ironically, it’s all down to the research Eris has done by looking at Kio’s questionable manga collection. Still, it’s hilarious and it was even funnier to see Jens playing strip chess with her Assistroid.

In the end, however, you’ve got to feel sorry for Kio. Firstly, they made him wear a blindfold in Strip Janken, but what if they had won and he had to strip? Would they have all had to put on blindfolds? And then, when Manami accidentally ripped off his blindfold and he saw them all naked, they beat him. That seemed pretty unfair. Funny, yes, but ultimately unfair, especially as he then gave the DVD to Aoi and Manami.

This OVA was a great way to end the series, but it’s also a stark reminder that we will likely never see any more seasons. Bizarrely, Cat Planet Cuties didn’t do too well in Japan, despite doing very well everywhere else. Well, if this is how it has to end, it might as well be with Strip Janken!

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Episode highlights

Strip Mahjong!

The Stakes!

Strip Poker!

Rhyming Doubt!

Strip Chess!


Strip Janken!

More Strip Janken!

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