Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 8) – We Had a Duel

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

Manami slips away from training to allow Aoi and Kio to have some alone time. Aoi misreads the situation and gets mad as she thinks Manami isn’t taking things seriously. They have an argument and decide to settle it with a duel!

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 8) – We Had a Duel

What happened?

Aoi started her training with Kio and failed to notice as Manami slipped back to Earth. After having a heart to heart with Kio, she tracked down Manami and picked a fight with her believing the Manami wasn’t taking things seriously. Manami laughed off her concerns. This led to a fight using Catian bullets that only destroy non-living things. Of course, this resulted in them shooting each other’s clothes off!

Manami then suggested that they do some real training in the woods and that the loser will have to follow one command from the winner. They set off and the game of cat and mouse began, each trying to out-think and manoeuvre the other. Finally, it ended in a shootout which Manami won thanks to Aoi dropping her last magazine.

Going forward, Manami declared that Aoi would have to call Kio by his first name. She was mortified, although it was that or kiss him! Before they could leave, however, someone fired a live round at them. They worked together to close in on the snipers and shoot their clothes off!

Once they got home, they discovered that Kio had prepared dinner. Manami forced Aoi to call him Kio, but he failed to notice. This pissed Manami off and she tried to strangle him. Meanwhile, the snipers were returned to the Dogishuan’s in a box… naked…

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 8 Manami grabs Aois gun

What did you think?

This was a pretty simple episode. Not a lot happened and yet it was thoroughly entertaining. It may even be my favourite episode yet. These bullets that only destroy non-living objects are great and I think we should look at implementing production this instant. One thing that I really liked about this episode was the way that it gave Manami and Aoi some time with their thoughts. It gave us some great insight into their opinions.

At one point they even managed to drop in Arthur C. Clarke’s third law – Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. It was a nice touch and something that made me smile. Not as much as the girls shooting each other’s clothes off, but almost!

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