Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 9) – The Grand First Assistroid?

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Cat Planet Cuties Title

The original Assistroid is coming to Earth to complete the ill-fated mission she originally set off on and Kio is going to have to step in as the diplomatic envoy. But just what is that tune that’s caught everyone’s attention?

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 9) – The Grand First Assistroid?

What happened?

It turns out that the Grand First Assistroid was aboard a ship headed for Earth many years ago, but a terrible accident left her ship trapped in hyperspace where she had to watch her master slowly die. Now, that’s she’s escaped from hyperspace, she wants to visit Earth and complete her master’s dream.

The Assistroids are excited to see their distant relative, although there have been a lot of changes in their design since then. Lowry, the Grand First Assistroid is much more humanoid and that caused a lot of issues back on Catia in the early days. Some struggled with the Assistroids appearing so human.

Eris seems to hold onto the guilt of her ancestors and cannot bring herself to talk to Lowry, leaving Kio to guide her around. He takes her to a secluded beach where she can see the night sky. There she sings a song that her master had been fond of, having picked up the transmission from Earth.

Having completed her master’s dream, Lowry returns to space and waits for her time to come to an end!

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 9 Kio and the Assistroids meeting with Lowry

What did you think?

I absolutely loved this episode. It completely blows my mind just how this series tackles some serious science fiction ideas. This time we were looking at the idea of androids appearing human, but also there was the stuff with Eris and how she believed that she was made by the past and cannot escape from what her ancestors did. I thought that was interesting although I don’t necessarily agree. We are not our ancestors and don’t carry their crimes with us. I do believe that we have a responsibility to learn from their mistakes and ensure that the future doesn’t repeat that path.

Finally, the highlight of this episode was the song sung by Lowry which was the Lonely Spaceman theme tune. I love the idea that aliens would pick such a random song to attach to. That said, I thought it was excellent and strangely emotional. Seriously, just give this episode a watch. If you can, watch it dubbed and subbed. Both versions of the song are incredible.

Episode highlights


The Grand First Assistroid!

The Lonely Spaceman!

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