Chained Soldier (Episode 1) – Birth, Yuuki, Awakening

Chained Soldier Title

Since the Mato incidents began, men have become secondary citizens forced to become cleaners and similar. Yuuki hopes for more. However, he didn’t hope to become the latest victim of a Mato incident. Is he really going to die like this?

Chained Soldier (Episode 1) – Birth, Yuuki, Awakening

What happened?

Yuuki’s sister drummed into him the need to become an excellent cleaner. She taught him how to sew and other skills that would be invaluable to him in this new dynamic. Everything changed when gates opened up across Japan, linking it to a mystical realm called Mato. Demons called Shuuki flooded through these gates and caused unmeasurable devastation. However, they weren’t the only things to come through. Peaches from Mato granted women a magical power that enabled them to fight back against the Shuuki. Overnight, the balance of gender equality flipped.

Yuuki had resigned himself to finishing school and getting a mundane job. Maybe, he would become someone’s house-husband. He was well-skilled in that department. However, he wanted more, especially since he lost his elder sister to a Mato Incident. Then, as he was walking home one evening, he stumbled through one of these gates and found himself running for his life from the Shuuki. He was saved at the last second by a member of the Demon Defense Force riding a strange-looking Shuuki who fought at her command.

They escaped and managed to rescue another girl who came through with him, however, Kyouka lost her Shuuki. With no other option, she erected a barrier around them. It gave her the chance to use her power on Yuuki, turning him into her slave. This gave him an incredible boost in power, far greater than anything she’d seen from a Shuuki. Together they destroyed the Shuuki attackers. Kyouka was impressed with his performance and asked if he would like to become her permanent slave. By that she meant, he would fight with her against the Shuuki and be the caretaker for their dormitory in Mato. Yuuki accepted before fully understanding what they meant by caretaker.

What did you think?

I’ve been waiting for this series to land ever since they announced that it was getting an anime. In truth, I had hoped it would since I read the first volume of the manga back in March 2023. It was absolutely worth the wait. I’m a huge fan of Takahiro, the author of Chained Soldier and Akame ga Kill. This series screams Takahiro all over, but it also has a more playful side to it which is insane. I love how funny this series is and how it flips everything on its head. Yuuki has been thrust into the role of looking after the girls of the Seventh Division of the Demon Defense Force much like many other harem protagonists such as Koushi in Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory. However, this looks to have all the action of Akame ga Kill plus the uniforms and the unique powers.

I found myself grinning from ear to ear all the way through this first episode and I can’t imagine that’s going to stop. If anything, that grin is going to turn into fits of hysterics. I loved this episode. I love the manga. I can’t wait for more. I also love how the real flip was that Kyouka is as much a slave to her powers as the person she enslaved. Her body automatically rewarded Yuuki with what it deemed a worthy payment for his actions. Anyhow, this is fantastic. Bring me more!

Chained Soldier Episode 1 Kyouka rewarding Yuuki

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