Chained Soldier (Episode 6) – Blitz, Sahara, Twinkle

Chained Soldier Title

It’s Shushu’s turn to fight and she’ll be facing Sahara. Since they both are physical fighters they agree to use no powers for a while. However, Sahara gets bored and activates her power – Mad Sheep!

Chained Soldier (Episode 6) – Blitz, Sahara, Twinkle

What happened?

Having witnessed Yuuki getting his reward from Himari, she was determined to get something, herself. Before her fight, she turned to Yuuki and made him promise to reward her when the fight was over. He stared back as she walked away. What was that about? On the other team, Tenka decided that since Yochiho lost she could be the team cheerleader going forward. She didn’t seem too impressed by the idea. Shushu and Sahara began the fight without their powers, instead turning the arena into a wrestling ring. However, Sahara got tired and activated – Mad Sheep.

With Mad Sheep, she can specify a period of time up to sixty minutes that she will get a big power-up. The shorter the time she selects, the bigger the power-up. She activated it for three minutes. The downside is that once the time is up, she will need to sleep for three minutes. Shushu used Paradigm shift to grow, however, that proved ineffective against Sahara who could easily dodge her. To counter that, Shushu increased her size again as she jumped at Sahara. There was nowhere to run. Shushu grabbed Sahara and slammed her into the ground.

Sahara was unconscious, however, Mad Sheep was still activated and it took over, giving her even more power. She quickly turned the tide on Shushu, winning the fight. Nei and Yuuki ran to assist her. Shushu was mortified. She couldn’t believe she lost in front of Yuuki and ran back to the dorm to recover. Yuuki followed and stood at her door, asking if she was all right. She told him to close his eyes. He did. Then, she came out of her room and kissed him. Maybe doing something embarrassing would make the loss hurt less. At least, that’s what she told Yuuki.

As they prepared for the next fight, Nei did a sweep of the area and saw two humanoid figures watching them. Then, one looked directly at her. Nei was terrified. Then, a third humanoid figure attacked the arena, breaking through its unbreakable barrier. Who were these people and what did they want? They certainly didn’t want to be friends!

What did you think?

Poor Shushu. Whilst I want her to open up to Yuuki, I thought the way she told him the kiss was to lessen the sting of the loss. I was also pleased to see a normal reaction to nudity. After she had kissed him, Yuuki jumped back and saw her boobs, which had been exposed during the fight. Rather than doing the usual anime reaction and beating him to a pulp despite it being her fault, she just covered up and said that he should have closed his eyes. I like Shushu. She’s definitely the most lively of the girls.

I do have an observation about Golden Hour. When Yochiho uses Golden Hour she does a particular pose and then rewinds or pauses time. I’m curious how the guy who was attacking them knew about her pose because he commented about her not being able to do it with an arm. Of course, she’s far more resourceful and did it with her legs which was amazing. However, I don’t think he should know about it unless they have similar skills or some sort of inside intelligence.

Finally, Yuuki got another power-up by taking Himari as his joint master with Kyouka. This has great potential. It makes Yuuki stronger and that’s good for the fight. However, the reward for fighting for two masters is going to be epic. Yuuki is not going to know what hit him. I think he’ll need a week to recover from the reward alone, never mind the fighting which is no doubt going to get crazy, especially now that Tenka has joined in. The next episode is going to be insane!

Chained Soldier Episode 6 Shushu kisses Yuuki

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