Chainsaw Man (Episode 2) – Arrival in Tokyo

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Makima takes Denji to Tokyo where he will join the Public Safety Bureau. She’s already decided where to place him, but his new supervisor is less than impressed with Denji’s approach to life.

Chainsaw Man (Episode 2) – Arrival in Tokyo

What happened?

On the way to Tokyo, Makima explained to Denji how he was basically her dog now and all she needed to hear from him was yes or woof if he preferred. Suddenly, it dawned on Denji that Makimi might not be the nice person he originally thought she was. But then she offered to buy him some breakfast and he was back in love with her. At the food vendor, Denji fell over and almost passed out completely. He told Makima that he loses a lot of blood when he uses the chainsaws, which was understandable.

She fed him his udon and sausage and then they got back in the car. Once at the headquarters for the Public Safety Bureau, Makima introduced Denji to Aki Hayakawa, a devil slayer and his new team leader. He was confused, he thought he would be working under Makima. She told him that if he performs well, then they may get to work together in the future.

Hayakawa, however, did not like Denji and attempted to convince him to quit by beating him in an alley. Well, Denji wasn’t about to give up on Makima, and she’d probably kill him if he did anyhow, so he thought back, kicking Hayakawa repeatedly in the nuts. Once back at headquarters, Hayakawa tried to explain what had happened. Makima wasn’t interested as Denji’s new partner had just arrived. A fiend called Power!

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 2 Denji meets Power

What did you think?

I guess I’m going to be one of those guys… In the manga, Makima made Denji go and take care of a Devil that had taken a small girl before he could eat his udon, which was why it got cold and also why he fainted, having only recently used his chainsaw power again. That made more sense as to how he could assess the fact that he loses blood when he uses them, rather than a one-off as the anime has shown us. In short, we were cheated out of a fight and an interesting piece of development as the devil attempted to trick Denji into trusting it. Given Denji’s experience with Pochita that’s a clear weakness that would need to be addressed.

I’m not a huge fan of how Denji’s character has changed over two episodes. It made sense that he would be suspicious of Makima. Hell, I’m still suspicious of Makima. However, I found his sudden flip to loving her a little too much. I get that Denji is so completely broken as a person after the childhood he had, dropping out of school, selling body parts, and fighting devils. I just feel like things are moving a little too quickly. Anyhow, Power has shown up and as such, it’s going to be all right. She is bonkers!

Chainsaw Man Epsiode 2 Power kills Sea Cucumber Devil

Episode Highlights

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