Chainsaw Man (Volume 9) – Bath

Chainsaw Man Volume 9 Cover

Denji is the only one to come out of Hell intact. Aki lost an arm, Power has night terrors about the Darkness Devil, and the others are far worse. However, the mission to defeat the Gun Devil is still on…

Chainsaw Man (Volume 9) – Bath

What happened?

They were only able to reattach one of Aki’s arms while the Angel Devil lost both. Beam and the Violence Fiend died, Kobeni resigned, and Power screams at the darkness. When she closes her mouth, she feels like it’s watching her from within. The terror is unshakeable and has left Denji without a moment’s peace. She needs him to be with her always. As a result, their trip with Makima was cancelled. However, Aki needed to return home to visit his family’s grave. Of course, Power and Denji had to come too. Surprisingly, their presence was a welcome distraction for Aki. In fact, it helped him to confirm his thoughts that he would want to pull out of the mission to kill the Gun Devil.

Makima summoned Aki, Denji, and Power and accepted Aki’s request, however, Denji and Power would still be a part of the mission. That defeated the purpose of Aki’s withdrawal, so he asked to be included again. Makima revealed that the Gun Devil had been defeated and was currently in custody. After it first appeared, someone defeated it and various nations around the world acquired the body. The more you have the more power you are able to wield. The mission was to recover more so that Japan would have the most power.

Aki was distraught. That would not avenge his family. Then, the Future Devil showed Aki an unavoidable future. He told the Angel Devil that Denji would kill him and Power in the near future. The Angel Devil said they should talk to Makima for help. Makima said she would help if Aki made a contract with her… The Angel Devil remembered the time he first met Makima, when she said the same thing. Makima is the Control Devil. Desperate to maintain its hold on global power, the United States released the Gun Devil in the hopes of killing Makima.

Chainsaw Man Volume 9 Makima activates her subordinates contracts

What did you think?

I don’t know how Tatsuki Fujimoto does it, but this series keeps getting better and better. I am stunned by this volume. Absolutely shocked, but at the same time it was inevitable. It made perfect sense that the world governments had the Gun Devil and that it wasn’t running around causing absolute chaos. The number of deaths in the seconds that it was there was insane. Then, for Aki to become the Gun Fiend was a brutal twist, especially as we saw his mind showing his fight with Denji as if they were having a snowball fight.

Then, when Denji killed Aki and we saw the Future Devil saying that Aki’s died in the worst possible way for Denji. I feel like this will be the thing that breaks him. He’s been able to contain his emotions and that might be the thing that’s stopping him from truly going berserk. The next volume is going to be interesting as they try to put things back together.

I still can’t believe, although I absolutely can, that the American president would release the Gun Devil and use the lives of his people as the price of the contract. The fact that she had to die to stop “the worst possible peace” hits home that much more. Have to feed the military machine! It’s even more ridiculous to think that they can kill Makima. She seems to be unstoppable. A while back, I theorized that she might be the Government Devil which wasn’t a bad guess as the Control Devil is pretty much the same thing. Either way, I knew from the first moment I saw her that she wasn’t human.

Chainsaw Man Volume 9 The Future Devil reveals that Akis death would be the worst for Denji

Volume highlights

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