Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 5) – The Experience of the Princess

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Now that Ikki is winning games, he’s gaining some attention from other students. Some want him to train them, some want to be him, and others are getting quite annoyed. Then, there’s Stella who just wants more Ikki!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 5) – The Experience of the Princess

What happened?

It’s been two weeks since Stella and Ikki became a couple, but nothing has happened. Literally nothing. Stella tries to bring it up in their room, but Ikki is already asleep, tired from fights and training. It hasn’t helped that since he’s shown how good he is in combat, many of the other students have approached him to train them. One group of guys that were jealous of his ability and the fact that he was talking to girls attacked him. Once he’d quickly subdued them, they begged that he train them too. There just didn’t seem to be any time for Stella.

Then, in a rare moment where Stella had Ikki to herself, Shizuku jumped in and started making awkward sister jokes. It’s pretty infuriating, and not just for Stella. Anyhow, she stormed off and ran into Alice who gave her an Otomo game. Stella was playing it at home, hoping that Ikki would treat her like the characters in the game.

However, when he came home he revealed that he was taking his students to the pool to train tomorrow and asked her if she’d like to come. He also revealed to her that her sword skills are beyond anything he can teach her and their styles are very different too, so it wouldn’t help her. He said that he hopes that she can always surpass his expectations.

At the pool, Stella is left to her own devices as Ikki trains the group. She’s feeling a little down about things, but then Kagami asks her if they’re dating. She seems to make out that she wants to date Ikki, but it’s just a ruse to get Stella to admit it. Kagami gives her some advice about moving things forward and gets Ikki to go talk to her.

As you might expect, things start off bad and quickly get worse with their talk. At first, Stella reads Ikki all wrong and thinks he’s going to break up with her. Then, Ikki thinks he’s done something to make Stella mad and that she’s going to break up with him. Then they get into an argument about who likes the other more. Before they realize it, they’re not sure what they’re arguing for. Finally, things move forward and they kiss.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 5 A group of jealous guys confront Ikki

What did you think?

Well, I’m still very much enjoying this series. I think the conversation that Ikki and Stella had is possibly one of the most realistic and relatable things I’ve ever seen in anime. This is how teenagers handle this sort of thing. I certainly remember having a very similar conversation, although no one was wearing a bikini at the time… Anyhow, this episode really focused on pushing Stella and Ikki closer together, which was nice, especially as it moves things further away from the awkward Shizuku angle. If they had just made her a close family friend it would have been fine, but as is, it’s just wrong.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 5 Ikki and Stella kiss

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