Citrus+ (Volume 1) – She’s Coming Home Tonight!

Citrus+ Volume 1 Cover

It’s been two weeks since Yuzu proposed to Mei and even longer since they were living together, but finally, after way too long, Mei is moving home. Yuzu can barely contain her excitement. Just ask Harumi!

Citrus+ (Volume 1) – She’s Coming Home Tonight!

What happened?

Yuzu waited for Mei at the train station so that they could walk home together. She was excited. Mei was excited, but there was a nervous energy in the air as if something bad was about to happen. Both revealed that they had something important to say. Yuzu decided they should say it together then. Well, it turned out that both were just happy that Mei was moving back in with Yuzu and her mother. Of course, they are engaged and they share a room, but they’ve decided to take things slow as if they were starting anew. This disappointed Matsuri who was desperate for some juicy gossip about Yuzu and Mei’s love life.

Meanwhile, Yuzu had been busy working on her grades. She was determined that she wouldn’t be a burden to Mei once they were married. However, this was leaving Yuzu tired and like a shell of her former self. Mei was so concerned that she went to Harumi for help. Mei probably didn’t give Harumi the right thing to say, but it gave her an idea. She took Yuzu shopping after school and helped her remember who she was. That seemed to do the trick, and just in time for the school board meeting in which Mei and her father were going to announce some potential changes, especially since Mei was going to marry Yuzu and planned on becoming the first chairwoman of the school!

Citrus+ Volume 1 Mei reveals her intentions to the school board

What did you think?

Has it really been a year since I finished the first series and the anime? That seems like far too long to go without my Yuzu fix! Anyhow, I’m correcting that now by jumping into Citrus+ which is the sequel to the first series. This one follows the day-to-day life of Mei and Yuzu as they come to terms with their new life as a couple. It’s full of cute and awkward moments which is to be expected. If nothing else, they are getting better at telling each other how they feel about things. There’s still some work to do, but it’s a huge step.

Now, if you’ve come in expecting the same level of drama as the first ten volumes, you’ll be a little disappointed. It’s a great addition to the series, but thankfully, all the drama ended at the end of the last volume. There are five volumes to date and it looks like the story is ongoing, so this could be interesting. It’s not often you see a story following the couple after they get together. I’m looking forward to reading more in the series and not just because of Yuzu. Harumi is also cool. I hope she ends up happy too!

Citrus+ Volume 1 Harumi took Yuzu shopping

Volume highlights

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