Citrus (Volume 8) – A Couple’s Retreat

Citrus Volume 8 Cover

Matsuri has arranged for a weekend getaway and has asked Yuzu and Harumi to invite everyone. It’s hard to work out exactly what Matsuri is planning, but Yuzu is delighted to be able to spend some time away with Mei.

Citrus (Volume 8) – A Couple’s Retreat

What happened?

Yuzu and Mei are continuing their relationship in secret and that’s starting to get to them. They need a way to release some of the energy and just have fun. Luckily, Matsuri shows up and takes Yuzu and Harumi to the cafe Yuzu was working at. It turns out the manager also owns a B&B and would like their help setting it up for the vacation season. Of course, he’ll pay them and they will get to use the place for the weekend.

Yuzu loves the idea while Harumi is less enthused, especially as it will involve asking her sister to come so that she can drive. They also invite Mei, Momokino, Shiraho, Nene, and Maruta. Before leaving, Yuzu and Mei leave their rings behind, but Yuzu suggests something they can do in place of wearing rings – kiss every day. Mei laughs it off, but that seems like an off-hand comment. Anyhow, they set off to the cottage and prepare for a fun weekend.

Citrus Volume 8 The Sleepover Arranged

At the cottage, their first order of business is to have a barbecue which comes with plenty of chores. Yuzu and Harumi are given the task of catching some fish while the others prepare the rest of the food and get the barbecue ready. Meanwhile, Matsuri is busy running around and doing her best to wind everyone up. Harumi has noticed and Yuzu is aware of Matsuri’s personality, to begin with. When it comes to sleeping arrangements, Matsuri has prepared a chart, but that causes some tension so they draw straws and nothing significant changes. Mei and Yuzu are sharing a room.

While enjoying the hot pool, Harumi suggests that everyone go back to Yuzu’s room for some sleepover shenanigans. Yuzu agrees but wants to check with Mei first. On one hand, she wants to have some alone time with Mei, but she also doesn’t want to upset her friends or do something that might alert them to their relationship. After everyone falls asleep, Mei and Yuzu leave the room to find somewhere else to sleep, since all the beds have been occupied. Seems like a great time to get their daily kiss in. However, Shiraho and Momokino are searching for something!

Citrus Volume 8 Yuzu and Mei

What did you think?

I understand why they might want to go away together, however, they share a bed on a daily basis, so it’s not that novel a situation. That said, I’m all for the vacation cottage trope, especially when combined with the hot pool trope. That’s a double whammy of fun. The hardest thing at the moment is working out who knows about Mei and Yuzu and who doesn’t. Obviously, Matsuri knows. Based on the last book, Shiraho knows and it would appear that she told Momokino. I feel like Harumi knows, but it also feels like she doesn’t and is just aware that Yuzu has someone she loves.

Anyhow, I get the feeling that before the vacation is over, everyone will know. The big question is how that would impact Harumi’s older sister. She appears to credit Yuzu with bringing Harumi out of her shell and everyone can see the impact she’s had on the school since she’s been there. However, it might be too much for Mitsuko to tolerate.

This was a great volume and sets us up for an interesting end to the series. I also enjoyed the bonus chapter at the end of this volume where we saw how Yuzu’s mother met Mei’s father. How it turned from her thinking he was a creepy stalker who likes underage girls to marrying him and agreeing to take his daughter in was quite incredible. This has been a great series. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Citrus Volume 8 Matsuri finds Shiraho and Momokino

Volume highlights

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