Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 4) – Lucky You

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David is keen to make himself useful and asks Maine for a job. He’ll do anything. Luckily, the gang has a number of things to take care of so there’s always something to do, even for a whiny gonk!

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 4) – Lucky You

What happened?

David’s first task is to deliver some stolen implants to Pilar. He’s surprised to find Rebecca at his house but then learns that they are brother and sister. She tips him big and sends him on his way. From that point on, David starts to settle into life with the crew. He saves Rebecca from an awkward situation when she is refused access to a bar, Maine teaches him to drive and offers some worldly advice. He sees Lucy net running and is mesmerized.

It also turns out Lucy goes running a lot for real so Maine tells her to take David and tire him out. He keeps up as best he can, but he’s going to need to up his game at some point. He sees that as an invitation to upgrade his body, buying a new set of lungs to increase his stamina and oxygen transfer. At one point, Rebecca gets kidnapped by a rival gang but when they try to make the trade, David takes her before they can notice and the rest of the crew takes out the gang.

Everything seems to be coming together nicely. David has settled in and they’re feeling like a family of sorts. That was until Pilar picked a fight with a guy that was suffering from cyber-psychosis. He blew Pilar’s head off and then turned his attention to David. Rebecca was furious and had to be shut down by Kiwi before she got herself hurt. When David realised that Lucy was caught in a dangerous situation, he rushed in and shot the guy. However, he failed to finish him off. Luckily Maine was on hand to put an end to things. Dorio took Lucy to get checked out and left David to watch her. It was about time they cleared the air between them!

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 4 The whole crew

What did you think?

Well, if this episode wasn’t just one giant red flag. Everything was going so well. The group was bonding and all becoming friends and then Pilar gets his head blown off. To be fair, he was my least favourite member of the group, but still, that incident is going to have repercussions that are felt for some time to come. The most notable was that Lucy and David had a real heart-to-heart and then kissed. Of course, that happened after he promised to take her to the moon and that he wouldn’t die…

I can already see where this series is going. It’s going to be a thrill but I’m getting myself ready for a fairly dark ending. Once again, I am left wondering if that guy with cyber-psychosis wasn’t deliberately put there by the people monitoring David. It was odd that it seemed to target David after killing Pilar. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more layers to this and that someone within could be compromised.

While I have a good idea of what’ll happen at the end of the series, the next couple of episodes could go in any direction. My gut is telling me that David and Lucy will continue to get closer but then things will get strained when something happens that tests them both. Did I mention that I’m loving this series?

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 4 Lucy and David kiss on the moon

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