Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 9) – Humanity

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Faraday gives David’s team a big job to intercept some Arasaka technology, however, it’s all a setup. Will Arasaka get what they want or will David exceed their wildest expectations? Nova!

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Episode 9) – Humanity

What happened?

David’s team has been sent to capture a special piece of Arasaka technology that is being transported through the desert. Of course, Faraday has sent a number of teams to try to deal with it, although David’s team are the one he expects to complete the mission. Of course, everything is not quite as it seems. Once they’ve captured the transport with the specified tech inside, a massive swarm of Militech vehicles arrive, including gravtanks and missile launchers.

David gets a call from Lucy telling him that the only way they survive is for him to put on the tech they were hired to recover – the cyber-skeleton. He’s unsure as to whether he should or not, but if he can save everyone then he’s got to do it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Lucy. Faraday has captured her and spoke through her to get David to do what Arasake want him to. That is to test their new tech against Militech. As soon as it’s over, they will swoop in a neutralise David and his team.

However, David uses the cyber-skeleton to obliterate the whole of Militech’s forces. Rebecca and Falco can only watch with a mix of shock and awe as he wipes out the enemy forces. During the exchange, Falco revealed that Kiwi had turned against them and that meant that Faraday had switched too. David was going to use the cyber-skeleton to find Faraday and take Lucy back.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 9 Daivd in the cyber skeleton with Rebecca and Falco

What did you think?

This episode was certainly action-packed. It also showed us just how far David had gone in the undisclosed period of time between episodes six and seven. When he put on the cyber-skeleton, he was basically just a torso and most of that was probably implants too. I understand that they’re comparing implants to drugs and that once you start you quickly spiral out of control, but we never got to see David go through that. We just have to accept that he’s here and this is it even if it doesn’t seem like something he would have done.

Of course, putting on the cyber-skeleton to save everyone else is absolutely something he would do so I had no problem with that decision. One thing I am wondering about the cyber-skeleton is was it really necessary as an implant. Surely, someone with the Netrunner ability could control a mecha without the need to augment their body to an unmanageable level. I can only assume the reason it’s attached to the body is to improve reflex times, but the same could be achieved as a ghost in the machine!

Anyhow, things are all set for the final confrontation between David Faraday and Arasaka. The big question is going to be whether David can hold it together long enough and what will be the cost of his decisions.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Episode 9 Daivd lands on Rebecca

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