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Natsume and Kaburagi escaped from the Gadoll factory and made their way back to Deca-Dence in silence. That was until Natsume couldn’t take any more. Maybe it would have been better if they hadn’t won?

What happened?

The operators of the Gadoll factory attempted to escape with the data needed to revive the system, but an accident sent them dropping down into the depths of the lake. The data was lost. Natsume broke down as she tried to get her head around the levels of betrayal she’d been subjected to and started to question if it had all been worth it. She couldn’t tell anyone what she knew for fear of them being killed like her father.

Kaburagi returned to his cyborg body and escaped with the others. They noticed that they were all now wanted bugs, Natsume included. Kaburagi was desperate to return to Deca-Dence to make sure she was all right, but once there, Hugin showed up and destroyed his avatar. He closed in on Natsume ready to take care of her.

Back in the wasteland, Kaburagi pleaded with Jill to find a way to send him back, but then a giant Gadoll appeared. It had somehow survived and it was headed straight towards Deca-Dence.

Decadence Episode 10 Natsume and Kaburagi

What did you think?

It felt like very little actually happened in this episode. We did learn that Natsume’s father had found a cyborg body and was killed because he had gotten too close to the truth. Does that mean Kaburagi killed him? That’ll be quite the twist. Anyhow, it would appear that we are moving away from the Matrix slash Inception crossover that I’ve been touting and now we’re heading towards Jurassic Park. Nature finds a way! And as such we now have a natural Gadoll that is absorbing its surroundings, growing, and rampaging through the world. Will this be enough for the system to be shut down permanently, providing anyone survives?

Decadence Episode 10 Kurenai and Natsume

What have you learnt?

So, Natsume had a little breakdown as she struggled to cope with things. However, as we already knew about everything, it was like the difference between showing and telling in fiction writing. As far as this went, we were told that Natsume had a breakdown. If we had been experiencing the shock and revelations with her, we would have felt it too. I think that’s the big difference here. In exchange for the knowledge of what’s going on, we’ve sacrificed the intensity of discovery. It’s been interesting, but I would have preferred to find out with Natsume and experience the shock first hand.

Decadence Episode 10 Evolved Giant Gadoll

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