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Kaburagi and Natsume slip away from Deca-Dence while the Power fights the Gadoll in order to take out the Gadoll factory once and for all. No one expected it to be easy, but this might even be too hard.

What happened?

Jill has the entire operation planned down to the last detail, however not long after Kaburagi and Natsume enter the factory, they are met by Hugin and he appears to be waiting for them. Natsume is shocked to see how Hugin is able to move without a tanker, especially considering that all the Gadoll in the lake have activated their defence zones after the prisoners in the rehabilitation centre set fire to the Gadoll shit and polluted the breeding grounds.

However, the riot is cut short when enhanced security arrives and starts to dispose of the cyborgs. Jill realises that Turkey was behind it and pulls Donatello out of his avatar and enhances his abilities. He makes quick work of Turkey and throws him into the giant pool of shit. Sark who had been critically injured manages to overpower his failing body and blows all of the Gadoll shit up, destroying the facility.

Kaburagi and Natsume manage to escape from Hugin and activate the Gadoll Emergency Extinction program. Of course, Kaburagi can’t help but feel sad for Pipe who he left at home and being a Gadoll could end up the same way as the others. Natsume turns to Kaburagi and questions what she’s seen.

Decadence Episode 9 Kaburagi and Natsume

What did you think?

This episode featured one of the moments I had been worried about since the big reveal in episode two. Natsume saw the truth and was understandably shocked. For the viewers, however, we’ve known about this for seven episodes and I felt like it lacked any of the impact that it deserved. This should have been an Earth-shattering moment, but it wasn’t. Even Turkey’s betrayal seemed too obvious to be true. It’s almost as if they got the twist out of the way early so that they could just plod along afterwards.

I did enjoy the episode, but it feels like a huge missed opportunity. There are three more episodes and I am still hoping for something bigger. Is there going to be another more incredible twist? I hope so.

Decadence Episode 9 Sark Pushing himself to his limits

What have you learnt?

In my mind, Deca-Dence’s main flaw has been the way in which the story has been structured. Sure, it’s been new and that’s interesting, but it’s also failed to deliver a number of really emotional moments. This episode should have been a massive sucker punch to the character and had the viewer experienced it for the first time too, it would have been huge. Everyone would have been talking about this twist. However, as we already knew all of this, it felt like a shrug of the shoulders moment. As with Sark’s sacrifice, I doubt anyone really cared that much. This story has it all, it’s just not been put together with any finesse.

Decadence Episode 9 Natsume discovers the truth

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  1. Me too, I’m now wondering if the biggest reveals have already come?

    I still felt bad for Natsume, of course, but I know what you mean. (It would have hit harder if I’d learnt the truth at the same time, but I’ve also enjoyed being ‘ahead’ of the characters in that respect; it’s built anticipation of course. Still, it could’ve hit harder, yeah.)

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      Agreed, it’s been interesting to see it play out this way, but I do think it’s lacked the connection and emotional impact that a story of this like should command.

      Going to be interesting to see what they do for the final three episodes.

    • Same. I’m feeling like the twists were maybe front-loaded?

      Nevertheless, my curiosity remains so, so very high 🙂

    • Absolutely, feels like this should have been an end of season episode, but there’s still three more. What could possibly be waiting for us?

    • I’d love to be just utterly stunned by the ending, to be bowled over and immediately want to log on and write about it 😀

      (Not asking much, am I?)

    • That’s the bare minimum, especially for a series that seems to be going for that.

  2. “This story has it all, it’s just not been put together with any finesse.”

    You’re… not wrong. I think the key problem is that they’ve stuffed ten pounds into a five pound sack. There’s just too much going on, meaning it’s been pretty simplified to fit.

    As far as twists… There’s still Natsume’s father way back in the prologue. I don’t think what he found has been adequately expressed yet.

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      He found a logo from the company that runs Deca-Dence. I’m thinking more along the lines of it all being fake, even the cyborgs are actually avatars too. It’s a game within a game. I’m calling it Inception meets the Matrix.

    • I’ve been thinking that for a long time – we haven’t actually seen the “real” world.

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      It’s the only way I can reconcile the goofy designs of the cyborgs.

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