Dirty Pair (Episode 23) – Something’s Amiss…?! Our Elegant Revenge

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The Lovely Angels were about to end a notorious drug ring when someone higher up pulled the operation. However, they bump into an infamous con man who has his sights set on the same target. Why not team up?

Dirty Pair (Episode 23) – Something’s Amiss…?! Our Elegant Revenge

What happened?

Yuri was about to pull the trigger that would send a rocket into the boardroom where Mahogany were finalising the details of a new drug that would plague society for years when she was ordered to pull back. Someone was pressuring the 3WA to cancel the job. Neither Kei nor Yuri were too impressed with the decision, but the order had been made. As they escaped, Yuri was injured. She was found by an attractive man who kissed her before she passed out.

Yuri woke in a bed with her wounds bandaged up. The man was waiting for her in the other room. He was Daniel Sezar, an infamous con man and he was planning on conning Mahogany out of thirty million credits. If they were interested, he would love to work alongside the Lovely Angels. Yuri may not have been too impressed with Daniel’s attempts to seduce her, but she was more than happy to go up against Mahogany in her own time. Kei was on board too, but she seemed less enthused.

Amazingly, they managed to convince Mahogany that there was a secret gold mine on planet Heldora. Of course, there wasn’t but he thought there was and was prepared to pay thirty million credits for the deeds to the planet. Then, as the money was being exchanged, Mahogany got wind that the Lovely Angels were involved. Daniel tried to run with the money, but Kei and Yuri had anticipated this and made sure he got what was coming to him! It wasn’t thirty million credits!

Dirty Pair Episode 23 Yuri meets Daniel Sezar conman

What did you think?

I loved this episode. It was kind of goofy but also very entertaining. Obviously, the best part was at the end when Daniel thought he would get away with the money. Kei and Yuri left him hanging over a pool of molten metal and then shot the fastening on the briefcase, dropping thirty million credits into the fire. Needless to say, neither Daniel nor Mahogany will be spending that money anytime soon.

This episode also reinforced their bond. Yuri came to Kei with a crazy scheme and she said yes. She wasn’t going to let her partner do something stupid without her and it showed again at the end of the episode when Yuri said she wouldn’t break up the partnership for a wet noodle of a man (I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of it). They’re great together and constantly complement one another even though they both have very similar skills.

Dirty Pair Episode 23 Yuri helping Daniel Sezar con Mahogany

What have you learnt?

This kind of goes without saying, but you don’t doublecross the Lovely Angels, especially when they are known as the Dirty Pair and even once blew up an entire planet. Of course, it was funny watching him try. I think you can have a lot of fun with things that the audience knows and maybe the characters don’t. It’s like an inside joke with the people enjoying it. Even if they can see what’s coming, it doesn’t get any less enjoyable, especially when it’s the main characters doing what they do best.

Too often stories try to hide some aspects and end up either never explaining them or dropping a half-baked idea that was supposed to have been there the entire time. Nobody likes to be tricked, so you need to make sure that whatever you’re planning, the audience needs to be able to work it out. It doesn’t even have to be done beforehand, but they need to be able to look back and see that the clues were there. This episode reminded me of the con man back in episode three so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Kei and Yuri trick the trickster.

Dirty Pair Episode 23 Yuri cuts her ties with Daniel Sezar conman

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