Dr. Stone (Episode 4) – Fire the Smoke Signal

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Tsukasa is unstoppable. He’s powerful, fast, and intelligent. If Senku can’t make gunpowder, there’s going to be no stopping him or his plans to kill all of the adults so that he can create his perfect stone world!

What did you watch?

In the last episode of Dr. Stone, things got a little heated. Tsukasa started smashing petrified adults as he tries to purge them and their old-fashioned ways. They had just revived Yuzuriha and now they are on the run as Senku seeks to even the playing field. I love the imagery of this series and the idea of rebuilding from scratch has always been something that fascinates me. Anyhow, here is my review of episode 4 of Dr.Stone and as you are probably aware, there will be spoilers.

Dr Stone Episode 4 Taiju And Yuzuriha Hot Pool

What happened?

Senku managed to gather enough of the raw ingredients to make gunpowder. All he needed to do was grind it down into a powder. Taiju jumped at the chance to be useful and pummeled it with a huge rock. Yuzuriha was concerned that there could be a spark which would ignite the gunpowder. Of course, Senku dismissed her concerns but then realised that the rock contained iron and sure enough there was a spark… and then a boom!

They tried to put out the smoke, hoping that Tsukasa wasn’t looking for them because the smoke pillar would be a dead give-a-way. Then they saw something incredible. Another smoke pillar rose up in the distance. Could someone else be alive? Taiju and Yuzuriha quickly gathered more wood to make the fire bigger. They had to see if it was deliberate even if it drew Tsukasa closer and it did…

Dr Stone Episode 4 Taiju Senku And Yuzuriha Explosion

What did you think?

There were some parts of this episode that I loved and some parts that I really didn’t. The appearance of another survivor is excellent and will raise all sorts of new questions and possibilities. The world really is exploding before them. I’m still massively impressed with Tsukasa as a villain. He has a believable motive, he’s smart enough to put a plan into motion, and he’s got the strength to follow through. He really would be a terrifying opponent. And the ending of this episode was outstanding.

Dr Stone Episode 4 Mysterious Survivor

What was your favourite moment?

Once more, I really enjoyed the conversation between Senku and Tsukasa. These guys know how to keep it real. There’s no mincing their words and both have a measure of the other. The idea that Senku would give up on science was a joke and Tsukasa knew it. I think he was just trying to gauge how Senku would react. His inability to do so gained him respect from Tsukasa, even if that only meant that he would end his life quickly and painlessly. I can’t believe where this episode ended and am itching for the next one to find out what happens next.

Dr Stone Episode 4 Tsukasa Tells Senku To Abandon Science

What was your least favourite moment?

The flashback of Senku’s life as he tried to create a rocket was very nice, but it didn’t feel like it was needed. Did we learn anything new? I don’t think so. The scene took up quite a lot of screen time that could have been better used showing us more of Tsukasa. He tracked them down so quickly and captured Yuzuriha. It would have been nice to see him talk with Yuzuriha about Senku, even have heard plead with him to leave them alone and she’d go with him. It would have made for a really compelling dynamic. Far more interesting than the rocket story.

Dr Stone Episode 4 Dolls Of Taiju Senku And Yuzuriha In Space

Who was your favourite character?

You may have guessed, but it was Tsukasa again. I am really intrigued by the guy. From a very brief flashback to his life before, it would appear that he was some sort of fighter, possibly a boxer or MMA. That makes sense. It would also appear that he was lonely and angry at the world or more importantly the world the generations before had created. I was worried about how perfect a villain he was in the last episode and that still holds true, especially seeing how effective he is in this one. I need to find out what happens next…

Dr Stone Episode 4 Tsukasa Holds Yuzuriha Hostage

Who was your least favourite character?

I’ve struggled to pick a least favourite character in this series, but in this episode, there were two. Firstly, Taiju. After three-thousand and seven-hundred years of obsessing about Yuzuriha, he finally has his chance to tell her that he loves her, but some sort of misguided logic about it not being a fair choice, he puts it off again… Come on already, Taiju! Secondly, Yuzuriha. Now, it’s very noble that you are prepared to die to save Senku, but in that situation what was she hoping to achieve. It wasn’t as she would be buying time for Senku to run away or grab a weapon. She would be dead and then Senku would be. I hate pointless sacrifice.

Would you like some more?

Oh, I absolutely need more. This episode ended on a massive cliffhanger. Massive! On top of that, there is the other survivor and all the incredible potential that comes with that. Sure, they’ve been frozen for three-thousand and seven-hundred years, but who knows when others may have woken and what stage they may have got to. It could be a big kickstart to rebuilding society and some more characters to boot.

Dr Stone Episode 4 Tsukasa Attacks Senku

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