Dr. Stone (Episode 9) – Let There Be the Light of Science

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With Senku’s questionable Ramen, he’s able to get enough manpower to be able to forge iron, but who is the mysterious guy asking for a cola with his Ramen and what are his ties to Tsukasa!

What did you watch?

Welcome back for the latest Kohaku fan-club post or episode 9 of Dr. Stone. Senku is dragging the primitive civilisation through the ages at an astronomical pace, but that’s fine because I don’t feel like watching then-thousand years of progress in real-time. As can be expected there will be lots of pictures of Kohaku and also some spoilers, but if you’re just here for the images, you should be fine… maybe!

Dr Stone Episode 9 Senku's plotting Face with Kohaku

What happened?

The Ramen certainly attracted the attention of the villagers and even leant them to help with the iron forge. There was an unexpected guest, however. Someone not from the village, someone that craved a cola. Kohaku, Ginro and Kinro quickly surrounded the man who Senku recognised as the author of bogus psychology books, but manpower is manpower, so he put him to work. It worked. They created an iron bar, now they just need to magnetize it.

Luckily, I huge thunderstorm rolled in at just the right time… well, not really. Senku was not prepared and had to hurriedly put together a lightning rod. With moments to spare, they managed to attach the iron and create a high-powered magnet. With that, Senku puts together a generator and manages to create light!

Dr Stone Episode 9 Senku and Chrome Test Electricity with Kohaku Suika and Gen

What did you think?

I’m really enjoying this part of the story. Watching Senku, Chrome and Kohaku attempt to discover and create all the aspects needed to create antibiotics are invigorating. The scientific principles behind everything they’re doing are fascinating and while they may be moving at an incredible speed, I’m fine with that. It certainly makes it that much more entertaining. This is so much more interesting than the cat and mouse game with Tsukasa.

Dr Stone Episode 9 Kohaku Threatens to Kill Gen

What was your favourite moment?

I love the Kinro and Ginro have somehow been sucked into the fold and become reluctant allies. It was nice to see the gold spear come back into play, but then the way that Kohaku kicked it out of their hands and drove it into the mountain top was so cool. Then, flipping away just as the lightning struck was insane. Plus it was Kohaku, so, you know, it was bound to be great.

Dr Stone Episode 9 Kohaku sets Lightning Rod

What was your least favourite moment?

Bizarrely, I am once more struggling to come up with a least favourite moment. I even enjoy Gen and his antics, especially when Suika asked him what a harem was. Maybe, I’ll pick on the village chief again. He certainly appears to be incredibly stubborn and will no doubt be the hardest one to convince that Senku isn’t completely evil.

Who was your favourite character?

I wonder who it is… It is of course Kohaku. She continues to be a source of constant entertainment and I love the way she reacts to Senku. Together with Chrome, they bring the best out of Senku. I’m enjoying their chemistry much more than with Taiju and Yuzuriha. It’s also worth noting that she wears wedge heels and can still flip and leap into the air. That alone is mighty impressive.

Dr Stone Episode 9 Kohaku Dodging Lightning

Who was your least favourite character?

I’m probably going to pick Gen for this. Not necessarily because I didn’t like him, but because it brings the whole Tsukasa situation back into the light. I was kind of hoping not to have to worry about that for some time, at least until the second half of the season. It’s interesting that he’s already prepared to flip and do whatever he thinks is best for his survival. It was pretty funny when he imagined what Senku would do with the iron.

Dr Stone Episode 9 Kohaku Kinro and Ginro surround Gen

Would you like some more?

This arc has been the best so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the steps necessary to create antibiotics. Then, it’s going to be the interesting task of convincing the villagers to allow him to give it to Kohaku’s sister. When she gets better, hopefully, it will go a long way to changing their perception of him, but I doubt it will be easy to get to that point. Anyhow, I’m excited about the direction the series is taking. Also, it’s worth noting that I managed to fit Kohaku into every image this week. Long may it continue!

Dr Stone Episode 9 Kohaku Senku Chrome Kinro and Ginro with Iron

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  1. This was one of my favorite moments reading it in the manga and watching in the anime. This was the moment that made me really love Dr.Stone.

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