Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (Episode 3) – Call from the Dead

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Senku tells Taiju and Yuzuriha to bring someone to his grave. He doesn’t tell them what is going on, but it all hinges on Gen making it back in time, and that’s not looking good. Come on, Gen. Hurry up!

What happened?

Taiju and Yuzuriha were visiting Senku’s grave, as they so often do, and found that the ground had been disturbed. They needed to dig what it was up, but they were aware that they were being watched. Taiju had a plan and it involved punching through the dirt… Anyhow, he found the receiver and called Senku, who told him to bring someone else to the phone. It was all part of the plan to defeat Tsukasa, although he held back the details.

To make the plan work, he needed Gen and his ability to mimic Lillian Weinberg. Gen, however, was not back yet. In fact, he was pinned down outside of Tsukasa’s kingdom by someone with insane hearing and a bow and arrow. One wrong sound and it was over for them. Chrome came up with the idea to use a battery to make a fire. Then, he and Magma ran around in the smoke, creating a distraction so that Gen could run. Amazingly, it worked!

Yuzuriha knew instantly who to bring to the phone. It was the guard that had been following them, Nikki. She was a butch and powerful, who wasn’t interested in getting chummy with them, but for whatever reason, Taiju managed to convince to hear him out. Unfortunately for Senku and Gen, Nikki is a diehard Lillian Weinberg fan and had some questions that would prove if she was Lillian.

Senku managed to calculate the answers, but one was a trap and they walked into it. With nothing else to do, Senku played the song. Nikki asked if Senku could bring back more. He couldn’t, but he promised to preserve this one for all time if she would join them!

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 3 Taiju

What did you think?

One of the things that I have always enjoyed about this show was the art style, especially when zoomed in on a character’s face. The bold lines and vibrant expressions are fantastic.

As for the episode, this was a lot of fun. My favourite part was Senku putting together a quick calculation to estimate Lillian’s record sales. Then, he recalled an image Byakuya had sent him of Lillian to calculate her measurements. That was the trick question. Nikki knew that Lillian would never reveal her true measurements.

I am worried about Magma and Chrome going forward and whether they managed to escape. It could make Senku’s plans a little bit harder to complete if Tsukasa has a couple of hostages.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 3 Nikki and Yuzuriha

What have you learnt?

So, Nikki joined Senku’s team and all because of that one Lillian Weinberg song. Is that a bit of a stretch? I don’t think so. Music has a way of connecting with your emotions, and when that song has given you comfort or makes a connection with a particular moment, it’s hard to really quantify the importance of it.

Everyone has a song that reminds them of happy memories or one that they listened to on repeat to get through harder times. With the way our minds work, we only have to hear that song again for all of the memories to come flooding back. There’s no denying the power of music, and while Senku hadn’t planned on it working that way, he quickly saw the value of it in this instance.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 3 Nikki joins Senku

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Series Information

English TitleDr. Stone
Japanese TitleDr. Stone
GenresAction, Adventure, Apocalyptic, Comedy, Science Fiction, Survival


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SeasonSeason One
ReleasedSummer 2019, Fall 2019
Animation StudiosTMS Entertainment
1Stone World
2King of the Stone World
3Weapons of Science
4Fire the Smoke Signal
5Stone World The Beginning
6Two Nations of the Stone World
7Where Two Million Years Have Gone
8Stone Road
9Let There Be the Light of Science
10A Flimsy Alliance
11Clear World
12Buddies Back to Back
13Masked Warrior
14Master of Flame
15The Culmination of Two Million Years
16A Tale for the Ages
17A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies
18Stone Wars
19To Modernity
20The Age of Energy
21Spartan Crafts Club
22The Treasure
23Wave of Science
24Voices over Infinite Distance
Season Two
SeasonSeason Two – Stone Wars
ReleasedWinter 2021
Animation StudiosTMS Entertainment
1Stone Wars Beginning
2Hot Line
3Call from the Dead
4Full Assault
5Steam Gorilla
6Prison Break
7Secret Mission
8Final Battle
9To Destroy and to Save
10Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team
11Prologue of Dr. Stone
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