Fire Force (Episode 24) – The Burning Past

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Leonard Burns has challenged Shinra to see if he’s ready to learn the truth behind what happened to his family. Shinra may have just recovered from his injury, but he’s not about to hold back.

What happened?

Burns told Shinra that he remembers what happened to him on the night his family was taken from him. He had hoped that Shinra would choose a different path but now needed to see if he was strong enough to learn the truth. To prove himself, Shinra would have to fight Burns. Shinra rushed into the battle, utilizing his new speed, but even then he couldn’t get near Burns who can surround himself with pressurized flames. They fight raged on until Shinra pushed through and hit Burns, and that was enough for him to reveal all.

It turns out that when Sho’s power awakened, he set fire to the house and caused their mother to Infernalise. The demon that Shinra remembered from that day was actually his mother who, under the control of Haumea, took Sho and fled the scene leaving Burns and the other members of Company 1 to flee the burning building. With this knowledge, Shinra returned to Company 8 and briefed Obi, telling him that he wished to find his mother and turn her back into a human…

Fire Force Episode 24 Leonard Burns Versus Shinra

Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog is back and raring to go. It’s the last episode of Fire Force for a while and this week Yomu will go first and be in bold, as usual.

What did you think?

We finally got to see Burns again, after all this time. And then he gave some answers… only, I don’t think either of us were even thinking about Shinra’s mom or that demon he saw back then! I’d completely forgotten about that because I was hoping for more light to be shed on more pressing issues! Anyways, their fight was cool, Shinra returning to Fire Force 8 was cool too. A pretty good way to wind it all down for now.

I’ll echo what I said in the last episode, I think the season should have ended with Sho going off with the Evangelist and Shinra being carried off from treatment. This all felt like it could have waited until next season. Rather than ending with a cool moment, we have Obi trying to talk over everyone at Shinra’s welcome home party. It all felt a little anticlimactic. At least they told us that a second season was coming.

Also, while I enjoyed the fight between Burns and Shinra, it was the typical shounen fight where all Shinra had to do to win was just grit his teeth a little harder and brute force his way in. It’s not like Hinawa and Arrow where they had to try to outsmart one another. Also, while we’re talking about Burns. He claims he lost his eye by looking at the Evangelist, but he already had the eye patch on… what’s that about?

Fire Force Episode 24 Shinra's Mother and Sho

Apparently Burns can ignite any part of his body or all of it. But his eye… that needs a little more protection.

Agreed that the fight was a bit standard. I’m happy to see more of Burn’s style because we haven’t seen him since episode 5? But true, not a lot of thought put into it.

I just can’t believe Hibana, Maki, Tamaki… no one wanted to give Shinra a big hug or shower him with some love for his return? What is this, I thought this was an ecchi anime?!

Absolutely. Where was the love? I stopped reading your last comment at “or shower him” and wondered where you were going with this one…

Hey, that’d be an even better ending right there.

Hopefully, they read this and take notes for next season.

Well, we did convince them to tell us who was watching district 8 while they were busy rebuilding district 7 with Benimaru. I’m sure they read this blog and are adjusting as they go. That would explain all the breaks in the scheduling. I’m going to put in my request for a hot spring episode, that seems to tie in nicely with firefighters with pyrokinetic abilities. And one last thing, can we get some more information on Arthur?

That’s a good point. I’m not going to ask for much here, hot springs sound great in my books as well, although I’ll settle for the showers here and there. My request is to just give us Lisa in her Ashen Knight outfit once she joins the team for us to enjoy. Yeah, she’ll probably become a part of Fire Force 8, but just say she has to wear it in order to use her tentacles properly. Or perhaps she can have a Fire Force 8 outfit of similar appearance, that’s fine too.

These all sound like reasonable requests. So, you heard it here first. Now, we must wait for the new season to begin…

Until then!

Thanks for reading.


Fire Force Episode 24 Shinra and Asako Arg

What have you learnt?

I’ve talked a bit about the ending of the season and I’m going to do it again. If this was the end of the series, I would have had no problem with it slowly winding down and bringing everyone back together for a party. But, it’s not the end, there is a second season and I feel like this ending has lost a lot of the fire that drove this series along toward the end. Instead of sprinting to the finish line, the season strolled to the end. It doesn’t feel like a conclusion and it doesn’t feel like a cliffhanger. I’m not sure what they were going for but the main feeling I’m left with is ambivalence. That’s not what I want, especially after the series of episodes with the fights between Company 8 and the Ashen Knights. I would have rather finished the season feeling hyped.

Fire Force Episode 24 Shinra's Party

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