Fire Force (Episode 33) – The Core

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Shinra needs to find more power if he is to defeat the White Clad Infernal Demon, but from where? There may be a chance that something lies within the Tabernacle. He just needs the others to buy him some time!

Fire Force (Episode 33) – The Core

What happened?

Shinra experienced another Adolla Link and he believes it is from the woman in black that saved the forest and gave the animals the gift of speech and longevity. He’s struggling to place her location, but then it hits him. She is the power behind the Tabernacle. Inside, Licht has come to the same conclusion – a theory that Joker had come to that inside Amaterasu and Tabernacle was a person with an Adolla Flame.

In order to successfully link with the woman in black, Shinra needs some time. The White Clad Infernal Demon has already almost killed Juggernaut and he would have it not for his bizarre body. Luckily, Ogun has got another trick up his sleeve, literally. He is able to power his body up with flaming tattoos that cover him from head to toe. With this power, he is as strong as Captain Leonard Burns of the First. But how long can he keep it up for and will Shinra be able to get the power he needs?

Fire Force Episode 33 Shinra realises what is inside the Tabernacle

What did you think?

Lynn Profile

Things are really starting to heat up now! This series is quite spectacular to look at and I’m loving the latest developments with the story too. The thing I want to talk about first is Ogun and his sudden power-up. Personally, I’m not even mad that they’ve just pulled this out of nowhere because it was awesome. There was one moment that kind of disappointed me, but I’m sure we’ll get to that. In fact, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about, Yomu. Any thoughts to start us off?

Yomu Profile

Ogun definitely stole the show this episode, going absolutely nuts knocking that demon infernal around. And I agree, the random powerup was fine given what we saw, and we don’t know the aftermath yet as it was implied at one point that he was perhaps pushing himself beyond his limits.

As for what disappointed you, I’m not too sure actually. Was it the fact that Tamaki managed to keep her clothes on this episode? Haha. You have me curious as to whether I missed something!

Lynn Profile

For a moment there, I thought we were going to have some real consequences to deal with. I’m talking about the Demon Infernal punching a hole in Juggernaut’s chest. What exactly is Juggernaut? He is unusually large and seems to get bigger, although it would appear that most of it isn’t his actual body. Not saying I wanted him to die, but for a brief moment, I thought things were about to get real.

Yomu Profile

Yeah, that’s a good point. I didn’t pay Juggernaut much attention, just thinking “well, I guess he’s got a big coat” or whatever. But it does seem like there’s possibly more to him. And I agree, it would have been more impactful to have him die or get severely injured – but we both know they’d never do such a thing in a shounen anime, as much as we both would like to see it.

What were your thoughts on the implications behind that woman from the past actually being the power source for the tabernacle?

Lynn Profile

Yeah, that’s a game-changing moment for sure. It’ll shake everything about Tokyo and the Sol Church. If it’s confirmed, I can see there being some reflective moments from many of the Fire Force.

I like that we’re starting to get answers and that they raise more questions. It’s not just stunning action segments.

Yomu Profile

I can’t help but think that the power source for the Tokyo tabernacle is none other than the girl who formed an Adolla link with Shinra earlier in the season. Perhaps her motivations for trying to make him go on a destructive rampage have to do with her wanting the Tokyo tabernacle to be destroyed? It’s possible that she could be imprisoned. Or it’s possible that she consented to being the power source initially, but went insane later on.

Either way, we don’t exactly have any other ideas as to who the power source could be, and there seems to be a similarity between that girl and the one that Shinra is linked with now.

Lynn Profile

I think you’re absolutely correct. We already know that the girl that took over Shinra wasn’t connected to the Evangelist although she obviously has an Adolla burst. Geovani wanted to get the key to Amaterasu and I think we know why now. Surely, this means that Shinra could become the power source for one of these things. It’ll be interesting to see if she did consent or was forced in there against her will. So many questions!

Yomu Profile

Yeah, the implications behind this are big. How does all of this tie into what the White Clad are working towards? Is it really the apocalypse as we’ve been told? I still have my doubts regarding that, and this revelation could help us in figuring out their true objective. Unless it really IS just the apocalypse…!

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