Fire Force (Episode 35) – Dark Hero

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Shinra and Licht return to the Eighth’s headquarters and reveal what they discovered on the continent. However, the church is keen to cover things up and has put a three-year block on the information.

Fire Force (Episode 35) – Dark Hero

What happened?

Shinra is understandably outraged at the news, but he’s limited by his role in the Special Fire Force. Licht, however, knew that they would never allow the news to come out, especially as it would reveal that the Sol church had been lying about everything. Luckily, he doesn’t have the same ties to the Fire Force and knows someone that he can call on for backup.

The big surprise, however, is that Joker goes to see Benimaru from the Seventh and asks him to help him break into the Holy Sol Temple to reveal the truth about the world. Benimaru agrees. He wants to see his area thrive without the church pushing its agenda on them. Also, he just doesn’t trust the church or Amaterasu. Joker is surprised at his insight and is glad it is enough to get him to fight alongside him. They quickly defeat the first group of Sol disciples, but then Benimaru is taken out, leaving Joker to face this attacker alone!

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What did you think?

Lynn Profile

I thought this episode was spectacular from a visual point of view. There were lots of foreboding signs such as the cloud drifting over the Eighth’s headquarters or the downpour of rain. It added some nice tension and showed what the characters were going through. We also got to see Joker again and Benimaru joining him was a big surprise. He’s always been a bit of a loose cannon but I never expected him to team up with Joker. Yomu, did you see that coming?

Yomu Profile

I sure didn’t. Things have moved real fast. We’ve gone from “Do you think the Church is the enemy?”, to a frontal assault by a pair of side characters that we haven’t really seen much this season. It almost seems unlike Joker to be so direct, given how he was always in the shadows previously.

What do you think will happen with this attack? Surely they won’t succeed and just reveal everything on their own, right?

Lynn Profile

It was a surprise to see Joker and Benimaru taking centre stage but at least this way they can give us something without necessarily letting Shinra know. Even if they do find anything, which is doubtful, I can’t see it changing much.

I’d imagine the big change will be for Beninaru’s district which will no doubt face some repercussions.

Yomu Profile

True that. Perhaps this’ll be the spark that brings down the curtain, exposing the government for the authoritarian force that it is or something like this. Anything that rattles the cage sounds good to me.

I wonder if the White Clad will get involved in all of this.

Lynn Profile

For sure. There are several forces in this show and they all want something different. The White Clad seem to want chaos and the end of the world, although I’m curious why. I feel like we only just got some interesting answers and now I’m wanting more. Anyhow, I am expecting them to cause some real havoc once more and I’m looking forward to it.

Yomu Profile

There are several forces, and while they seem independent, I wonder if there are any hidden connections or not. Lot of information still in the shadows.

As always we’ll have to see as we go for that!

Lynn Profile

I’ve been wondering that too. I’m not sure how the connections might work but I can see there being something that links everything, and not just the Evangelist.

As you say, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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