Fire Force (Episode 47) – Firecat

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Shinra and Princess Hibana visit Konro in the Seventh to investigate his links to Adolla. Satisfied that Konro is on their side they head home, although Benimaru offers to train Shinra and Arthur, and Tamaki tags along!

Fire Force (Episode 47) – Firecat

What happened?

After Giovanni revealed his delight at experiencing an Adolla link, Shinra realised that the only other person he’d linked to that didn’t have an Adolla burst was Konro at the Seventh. For safety, and because he’s too much of a nice guy, Princess Hibana decided to accompany Shinra. When they arrived at the headquarters of the Seventh, Konro had gone out to a shed on the outskirts of the district… alone… Very suspicious.

It was even more damning when they arrived and found Konro talking with a White Clad. Shinra wanted to rush to his aid, but Hibana decided they could catch him in the act. However, Konro found himself fighting the White Clad and quickly cut him down without even using his powers. After discussing the situation with Konro, they learnt that he had seen the nightmarish landscape of Adolla.

Once back at the Seventh’s headquarters, Benimaru decided that he would teach Shinra a powerful move that would give him the edge against foes that could nullify his speed – Hysterical Strength. However, he was only going to teach it once so he told Shinra to return in the morning with the other young Fire Soldier from the Eighth.

Shinra returned with Arthur, and Tamaki who wanted to get stronger after everything she’d been through. Benimaru told her to occupy Hikage and Hinata. They were playing tag, although it was also a test to see how strong she was. As Tamaki ran from Hikage and Hinata she thought about her life to this point and how she’d held back. How she’d suffered from peer pressure. No more, however. She was taking control!

Fire Force Episode 47 Shinra and Princess Hibana

What did you think?

Lynn Profile

So, the latest Nether arc never really got going after the Juggernaut fight, which was a bit of a disappointment for me. I came into these last two episodes not really sure what to expect. I’m not sure if that helped me to set my expectations, but I really enjoyed this one. For too long, Tamaki has been the butt of jokes and condemnation by fan service haters so I was glad to see that she was given a chance to show us more.

Yomu, I know you would have been glad to see Hibana back so that’ll be front and centre in your mind, but what were your thoughts on the Tamaki awakening? Not to mention, Shinra and Arthur’s training routine!

Yomu Profile

I was happy to see Hibana, but it also felt like we were being shown characters we haven’t seen in a while as the season is coming to a close. Still, I also can’t complain about what we got. It was a fun episode, even if there aren’t really any stakes like there were in the Nether. I also question the effectiveness of Shinra and Arthur’s training…

Before we get to Tamaki, I wanted to ask for your thoughts on the idea that scars are somehow allowing seemingly regular people to form adolla links. Any thoughts on that?

Lynn Profile

I thought they were getting the scars as a result of being shown Adolla. The times that we are aware of was when Burns and Joker fought a demon class Infernal and both lost an eye and Konro was also fighting a demon class Infernal and used his power so much he ended up burning himself out. I feel like the pyrokinetic abilities must have a link to Adolla to begin with since that seems like the likely source of such a thing, so that could have something to do with it.

It makes me wonder if the demon class Infernal has something to do with it too, especially as Shinra and Sho’s mother was turned into one when Sho was taken. Maybe, that’s what gave Shinra his Adolla flame. Unfortunately, this is more questions that I don’t think we’ll get any answers to this season. It’s going to be amazing to see how they eventually answer everything.

Yomu Profile

Yeah, there has to be some underlying logic for everything, from Adolla and the Evangelist to pyrokinetic abilities and things like Amaterasu. Certainly we’ll get no answers just yet. Looking forward to learning more in future seasons.

And also looking forward to maybe seeing Tamaki’s new abilities in action. Great to see her level up, even if I have a feeling that she’ll quickly be overshadowed by others like Shinra and Arthur. At least she should be able to handle basic infernals and weak enemies…

Lynn Profile

Absolutely. One thing I did notice was how Benimaru told them that Obi was the poster boy for this new technique – Hysterical Strength as that gives us an idea of how much of a power up they’ll get if they master it, seeing as he’s a normal guy who can fight with the best of them. The training was fairly typical stuff from Benimaru though which made me laugh.

I did really enjoy the Tamaki side of things though and it felt like it wasn’t a forced power up, just something that she hadn’t been able to realise on her own.

Yomu Profile

The most surprising thing about Tamaki to me is just how she fell into the category of a weak / helpless character, because I remember when we were first introduced to her last season she gave off an impression of being strong. I thought she was going to be a fighting type character, but instead she somehow ended up falling down to Iris’ level in terms of strength (and role). Which is a shame, and in some cases, takes away from Iris, who before Tamaki became a sister, was THE sister for Fire Force 8.

Lynn Profile

Agreed. She first showed up in the Fire Fighter games and was full of life and fight, but quicky fell away from that persona. As you say, it’s better that Iris is THE sister and the others fight around her. Anyhow, any thoughts on what we’ll get from the last episode?

Yomu Profile

I don’t expect much. Shinra and Arthur will likely wrap up their training, and then we the audience will probably get some cliffhanger involving Sho or Giovanni.

At this point I’m not expecting to see the First Pillar again.

Lynn Profile

Yeah, that sounds about right. Guess we have to wait until next season for more!

Yomu Profile

Let’s just see where this next episode goes. Will there be a big cliffhanger?

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