Fire Force (Episode 7) – The Investigation of the 1st Commences

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With Hibana on their side, Fire Force 8 look for a way to begin their investigation of Fire Force 1. In order to get some more information, they send in Shinra and Arthur on a rookie exchange program!

What did you watch?

The last episode saw the conclusion to the attack on Fire Force 5 and the switching of sides by Princess Hibana. Captain Obi had been raring to go, but got caught up with the chain of command and missed the whole thing. Luckily, Shinra came through and not only claimed the victory but won Hibana’s heart too! So, if you thought there would be some time to relax, you’d be wrong. In episode 7 of Fire Force, it’s time to investigate Fire Force 1 and Captain Leonard Burns. I joined once more by Yomu from Umai Yomu Anime Blog, so get ready for some fiery debate… Don’t forget, there will be spoilers.

Fire Force Episode 7 Shinra Leapts into Battle

What happened?

In order to hide the investigation, Fire Force 8 and 5 had a joint barbecue and passed it off as a joint exercise. We get to see Hinawa’s mad barbecue skills, the mascot’s bad barbecue skills, and Arthur cut through Maki’s flames. All the while, Obi tried to address the group, but it appeared that no one was that interested. Later, Obi and Hibana had a frank chat where she revealed what made her offer her help. Shinra had saved her, body and soul.

Now, that Hibana is one of the good guys, it’s probably a good time for a shower… Anyhow, Obi and Hibana arrange to send to some rookies to Fire Force 1 on the rookie exchange program, with Shinra and Arthur going for Fire Force 8. It’s a great way to investigate them from the inside without raising suspicions. Or not, it appears that Fire Force 1’s Captain, Leonard Burns is expecting them.

Fire Force Episode 7 Shinra Versus Leonard Burns

I’ll be going first this week so that Yomu doesn’t hog the spotlight. Well, let’s get on with it. (Also Yomu will be in bold.)

What did you think?

This episode lacked the intensity of the others, but then we did just have two episodes (possibly three) of continuous fighting. Sure, there were a couple of fights in this one, but it was sparring so it doesn’t really count, even if it looked amazing. Seriously, the visuals on this series are incredible. I love the fire and the blue glow on the uniforms, but one of my favourite shots is when they incorporate the sky. It’s so vivid and really makes the action look that much more awesome.

Oh, and hey, Yomu, thanks for stopping by. Anything you’d like to say?

Hello again! Yeah, they took a step back this episode, which was perfectly fine with me. Not only did the episode set us up for the next target of an investigation, but we got to meet some new characters and get an idea of their capabilities. And from what we’ve seen, they’re more than capable.. but I’m sure that will change soon enough, as this is shounen and Shinra will keep getting stronger as the series progresses. And you’re dead on about that blue sky, it contrasts with the typical flames that we’re always seeing so well!

Fire Force Episode 7 Shinra hits Leonard Burns with the Big Attack

What was your favourite moment?

It wasn’t the shower scene if that’s what you’re thinking. Nope, definitely not. I actually loved the fight between Leonard Burns and Shinra. Arthur was a cool warm-up, but the way Shinra fights is so fluid and then his feet are on fire so it just looks incredible. Also, I know Burns has an eye patch so it should come as any surprise whatsoever, but he is one edgy bastard!

I’d have to agree with you, the shower scene was the best moment. Oh, sorry, I mean the fight with Burns and Shinra. Like you said, Arthur’s attacks weren’t too exciting as his sword just sort of got stuck on Burns without doing anything… Shinra wasn’t any more effective there, but it was more exciting to see. The best part though was seeing the raw power of Burns. He must have some ability to create vacuums of pressurized air or something that can not only protect him from attacks but also blast people away.

What was your least favourite moment?

There’s something that’s been bothering me for a little while now and that’s the cross from the Sol religion. It reminds me a little too much of the Iron Cross, which was a symbol that the Nazis took over in the Second World War. I didn’t think much of it, however, until I saw in on the caps of Shinra and Arthur as they went for the rookie exchange. Combined with their formal uniforms and Shinra’s awkward grin, it just looked a little too close to the real thing. Now, I’m not for a second claiming that Fire Force is pro-Nazi, that would be fairly ridiculous. It also looks like the logo on He-Man’s chest… I’ll stop now before this get’s out of hand.

My least favourite moment was probably just the fact that Hibana never really divulged any juicy information like I had expected. Instead, she just said “infernals are being artificially created in the 1st Fire Force’s territory”, and that was that. It felt like the perfect time to get into some science-related revelations behind the infernals, but we just didn’t get any of that.

Also, I can see what you mean about the crosses, but at this point, I’ve tuned it out because anime typically uses Christianity & related symbolism for the purposes of being edgy. I’m no Catholic, but they love to loosely base corrupt religious organizations on the Catholic church, and I was feeling those vibes with the 1st Fire Force. To be fair to anime though, they tend to make priests and the like seem more badass at least, which is a cool take that we don’t typically see here in the West.

Fire Force Episode 7 Princess Hibana Looking for Revenge

Who was your favourite character?

Shinra seems like the obvious choice, so I’m going to go with Princess Hibana. I loved the conversation she had with Obi, where she revealed that she is looking for the person responsible for killing her sisters. Was Hibana is the shower scene? I don’t remember so couldn’t possibly comment on that, but I did find it funny that she just seemed to stand in the corner of the room every time it showed Obi in his office.

Lynn my friend, Hibana was the star of the shower scene. Remember, she’s there to monitor Iris’ growth….

I’m going to say Burns was my favourite character. I love how the episode portrayed him as overwhelmingly powerful, and I just know he has some secret behind it. Like I said earlier, my money is on some sort of pressurized air that he can use to act as a shield, but can also use to completely blow enemies away. Plus, I love edgy, and the burning eyepatch is a great touch.

Fire Force Episode 7 Leonard Burns Unphased by Shinra's Attack

Who was your least favourite character?

That would be the ‘your ass is an ass guy’ from the Fire Force 1 company. He’s the one that converts heat in sound and then ice or something like that. Anyhow, he seems like a bit of an odd one and he makes little to no sense. I could look up his name, but being known as the ‘your ass is an ass guy’ is far more fitting, I think! I love fun dialogue but that was a step too far.

Aha, that’s definitely a contender for me too. I’m going to go with the bubbles guy from Fire Force 5. Guy totally wimped out on fighting in the training matches, and after he talked such a big game in previous episodes. He’s going to have to fight infernals at some point anyways you’d think, so I don’t know why he wouldn’t at least TRY. Sad!

Fire Force Episode 7 Shinra Looking like a Villain

Would you like some more?

Well, in true shounen style, we’ve just learnt that as strong as Shinra is, he’s got plenty of training to do if he’s going to stand a chance against the real threats. Given how strong Leonard Burns is, he’s either got to be in on it or else he would have beaten everyone by now. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the investigation goes and I’d imagine Tamaki will return to the Fire Force 8 on the exchange program too, especially as she’s in the opening with them all.

That’s a good point. I’d like to see more Tamaki anyways, and she doesn’t seem to fit in at Fire Force 1 to me. I still think that Burns is a toss-up because he’s so edgy I wonder if they are trying to psyche us out by making us think he’s villainous. I think the church itself as a whole is corrupt, but I think they still could throw some shade Burns’ way – like maybe they are purposely creating infernals in his district in order to keep him distracted, or something like this. Or perhaps he is being duped by the church.

That said, it’s definitely possible that Burns is up to no good. Either way, Shinra has some burning questions for him, and I’m sure he’ll try and ask them again sometime soon.

Exactly. There’s still a lot we don’t know and even more that Arthur doesn’t know. I actually quite like that they’ve just made him ineffective as a rival to Shinra. Yeah, he’s strong but he’s not a threat so they won’t be at each other for the entire series.

I wonder if and when Tamaki joins Fire Force 8 whether Hibana will give her the physical??? Either way, there’s still lots to look forward to.

Now that sounds like a great idea. Hibana and Tamaki sound perfect for each other! Nevermind everything else, that’s my new biggest hope for the future of Fire Force.

On that note, I think we’ll call it a day. Thanks again for stopping by and bringing me up to speed on the importance of Hibana in the shower scene… and all your other comments.

Fire Force Episode 7 Princess Hibana And Iris in the Shower

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