Friday Fives (High-Rise Invasion) – Five Cool Character Designs

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So, High-Rise Invasion was a lot of fun. It had some great moments, but the thing that really stood out to me was some of the character designs. So, here are my top five character designs from High-Rise Invasion.

Friday Fives (High-Rise Invasion) – Five Cool Character Designs

I’m a big fan of B-List horror and this series fell perfectly into my zone. It was creepy and intense, but also funny and a little ridiculous. All of these things added to my enjoyment of the show and then there were the character designs. They ranged from fairly standard outfits to the ridiculous such as Justice Mask’s wetsuit complete with sharkfin on his head. The thing is most of the costumes in this show are likely to be what the person was wearing when they came to this world. Suddenly things seem a little bit stranger still. Anyhow, these are my top five character designs.

5. Mayako Nise

At first, there’s nothing particularly exciting about Mayuko’s design, but that changed as the show went on. She’s wearing a standard anime school uniform with a short skirt and long, long socks giving us the exposed thigh area. Then, during a fight, her shirt was ripped so she spent the rest of the series running around with a huge opening in her shirt. Of course, there was a point where she was talking to the mask version of herself and they were identical except for the mask and the colour of her underwear…

4. Yayoi Kusakabe

Yayoi is an interesting one as she was clearly some sort of police officer before coming to this crazy world. She has a mask but is able to talk and think for herself. However, we learn that he son is here too and she appears to have her memories blocked to a certain extent. I loved that they used this design to highlight her position of authority and then lots of low camera angles to make it feel like she’s domineering over everybody. I’m sure there was another reason for the low camera angles, but I can’t think of it…

3. White Feather Mask

White Feather Mask is introduced as a rival to Sniper Mask and looks like she is wearing a sexy Robin Hood outfit. With Mayuko and Yayoi, you can clearly see why they are wearing what they’re wearing, but I’m at a loss to explain White Feather Mask’s costume. My best guess is she was either on her way to a fancy dress party or she’s a stripper. Either way, it’s a great costume. Special recognition goes to the addition of the garter on her left thigh.

2. Yuri Honjo

Yuri Honjo was dropped into this world in her school uniform. It’s the classic sailor-style anime school uniform with a red ribbon and ridiculously short skirt. She lost her shoes which were probably the indoor style anyhow and inherited a pair of leather boots. The addition of the slit to her skirt caused by a scythe completes the outfit. Then, when she’s running around with a pair of pistols she just looks like a complete badass. Yuri was so impressed with her outfit that she even took the time to clean it before the final battle.

High Rise Invasion Episode 11 Yuri Honjo bum

Hang on, how did this image get in here?

1. Sniper Mask

Surprisingly, in a series filled with good-looking girls with weapons, my number one character design goes to the guy wearing a black suit, black shirt, white tie, and a black hat. He does look pretty stylish though, so it’s probably not a big surprise. That said, I think I was swayed by the actual character too as Sniper Mask is the most interesting character in the series and without him it would have been a fairly standard slasher movie. He added a lot of intrigue and mystery.

Final Thoughts

So, unlike last week’s Friday Fives where I looked at scenes that impacted me from Domestic Girlfriend, I took a much lighter approach to things with High-Rise Invasion. And to be fair, they are both very different types of shows. Some might consider this an odd choice to think of as a lighthearted series, but if you’re a fan of shows like this then you’ll understand.

Anyhow, these are just my opinions. Have you seen High-Rise Invasion? If so, what did you think and which character designs were your favourites? Thanks for reading.

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